Excessive sweating under there? These tricks will leave you looking dry and ready to work out

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Sweating comes with a host of embarrassing and annoying problems, but if there's one thing that women most complain about during their workout, it's the dreaded boob sweat. In an attempt to banish the wacky bodily mishap, the company Belly Bandit is now making reusable bamboo bra liners that slide under your sports bra and soak up sweat before it seeps through your shirt. Sound silly? Maybe, but for some people (especially bigger breasted women who tend to be more concerned about the issue), wearing one with your sports bra might just be the answer to feeling more comfortable at the gym. (It beats sticking a panty liner under your girls, right?) If you need a slightly less drastic measure to stay dry, try these fast fixes.

Corn Starch

Because corn starch is so fine, it's super-absorbent and able to pull sweat away from the skin. Dust some of the non-abrasive powder on before your workout and you'll be good to go!

Clear Deodorant

An invisible stick like Degree Ultra Clear won't leave white marks on your shirt and stops wetness in its tracks, without being unnecessarily harsh on your skin.

Dusting Powder

And you thought dusting powders halted production in Victorian times. Nope! LUSH's Silky Underwear Dusting Powder is a more luxurious version of cornstarch, with added cacao butter to moisturize and kaolin (a natural clay) to absorb excess moisture.

While these solutions will keep you dry, there's nothing wrong with a wet spots, in our humble opinion. If a little extra sweat doesn't bother you, it's totally fine and natural to just let that sweat flow! (Ever wonder what causes sweat odor? Check out 9 Reasons Your Sweat Smells.)