This Glass File Transformed My Callused Runner's Feet Just In Time for Sandal Season

I’m amazed by how much tough, dry skin has been buffed away.

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Running has been an outlet for me throughout the pandemic and the many other highs and lows of life. Whenever I'm stressed or need to think something through, I lace up my sneakers, strap on my Fitbit, pop in my headphones, and go. The only downside to my favorite hobby is the effect repetitive running has had on my dry, callused, tough-skinned feet.

I thought this was just something I'd have to live with and I'd have to make an extra effort to avoid other people making eye contact with my feet — until I met the Bare August Glass Foot File (Buy It, $13 with coupon, was $22, This cute and handy pink file was sent to me on a rest day, so I quickly read the instructions and decided to hop in the shower to soften the skin on my feet, which helps the file work its magic. This isn't necessarily a rule, but I have sensitive skin and didn't want to buff away my dry, callused feet without soaking them in a bit of soap and water. After lathering and rinsing, I grabbed the foot file and rubbed the etched glass against my skin in a back and forth motion. (

Bare August Glass Foot File Callus Remover for Feet

Buy It: Bare August Glass Foot File, $13 with coupon, was $22,

With minimal effort and only a few swipes, it was grossly satisfying to see all of the tough, dead skin scrape painlessly off my heels and the balls of my feet. After that fast first session, I was hooked. Filing my feet has now become part of my routine nearly every other day, but in only two weeks, I'm seeing such an incredible improvement that I'm sure I'll be cutting back on how often I reach for my file soon.

The file typically sells for $22 on Amazon, but it's on sale right now with an additional $2 discount available through a clickable coupon on the product page.

Shoppers say they had similar experiences, with one exclaiming, "'wow' is all I can say." The reviewer wrote that they told their friends it only takes "just a few swipes" for this file to work wonders, and added that several of those pals have already purchased their own.

Get your own feet ready for sandal season with the Bare August Glass Foot File while it's still on sale at Amazon. Just be sure to click the coupon for an extra discount before heading to your cart.

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