The makeup sponge has more than 2,000 reviews on Amazon.

By Kristin Granero
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From multitasking oils to $11 leggings (and odor-blocking bath towels—yes, they're a thing), Amazon has become a prime destination (see what we did there?) for discovering the latest in convenient and cost-efficient goods.

So much, in fact, that even celebs (such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) have come to rely on the mega e-store for stocking up on their everyday essentials and scouting out new beauty gems.

Now, the site that introduced you to America's most-wanted mascaraone unconventional but popular straightener, and the perfect sunscreen is getting beauty enthusiasts talking once again, this time with the Beakey Five-Piece Makeup Sponge Blender Set (Buy It, $9,

As the name suggests, the set includes five (yes, five!) cushy, droplet-shaped foundation-blending sponges that bear a striking resemblance to the gold standard that has become the Beautyblender (Buy It, $20,

Some reviewers—who wish they'd made the discovery sooner and have since started stocking up—have even gone as far as saying they like what they're referring to as 'perfect dupes' even better than the Beautyblender. (Related: The Best New Foundations for Your Makeup Look)

The pack includes a range of bright shades, such as red, pink, blue, purple and yellow, which were designed to inspire a "happy mood" but, as reviewers point out, can also come in hand when designating each color for a different use, to avoid having liquid foundation on the sponge you use for cream blush, for example.

The best part? The entire set costs only $9, a little more than $1 per sponge and a mere fraction of what you'd shell out for five of the award-winning Beautyblender The Originals (at $20 a pop, you'd be looking at $100).

The latex-free blenders expand when wet and can also be used to blend other products such as BB cream, liquid powder, concealer and beyond—all for that even, airbrush-like effect. (FYI, here's how to clean your makeup brushes in three easy steps.)

Curious to give the applicator set a whirl (or, say, tap)? The brand is currently offering an additional discount for those who buy in bulk, as well as a 100 percent money back guarantee on all purchases, on Amazon (if you end up spending more than $25, you can also cash in on free two-day shipping).


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