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Brilliant Ways to Combine Your Fitness and Beauty Routines

Beauty and Fitness Multitaskers

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You're read all about the beauty treatments you should be doing for healthy skin and hair, but setting aside time for hair masks, moisturizing sessions, and twice weekly facials seems unlikely at best and downright pricey. The goods news is now you can combine your skin and hair care routine with something you're already doing: working out. Experts are sharing their take on the latest trends in beauty and fitness multitasking.

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Leave-In Conditioner Before the Gym

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You probably have a deep conditioning treatment stocked in your bathroom cabinet that's been collecting dust since you bought it on a whim three months ago. Even with the best intentions, remembering to put the gunk in your hair and sit around for 20 minutes before hopping in the shower probably isn't a priority. So, let fitness time double as hair care time.

Spray a leave-in conditioner into damp hair, then pull it into a ponytail to keep hair in place, away from your eyes, and calm the frizz. The dampness will work to moisturize the hair follicle while you're busting out a set of burpees, says GLAMSQUAD creative director, Giovanni Vaccaro. His go-to product is Living Proof No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner.


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Sheet Mask During Yoga

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If you haven't already discovered the joys of Korean face masks, it's time to step up your beauty game. Yoga instructor, Alexis Novak, loves to use the serum-infused Karuna Sheet Masks during her home practice. Besides saving time, a huge benefit of combining masks with yoga is the hydration it provides your skin.

Novak says, "using a face mask while doing yoga stimulates collagen synthesis, improves skin's water-holding capacity, and supplies it with essential minerals leaving you feeling refreshed, healthy, and strong starting in your pores and down into your muscles." Another benefit? Sheet masks will totally improve your balance because you'll need to keep your head and neck level so the mask doesn't shift around.

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Foot Cream Before a Spin Class

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As any Flywheel addict can attest to, intense workouts can wreak havoc on your feet, causing blisters and cracked heels. If a pedicure isn't cutting it, try applying a foot cream before your next class. (Try L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream.)

Slathering these creams on before you spin, "will actually help retain the vital moisture needed for soft skin while simultaneously increasing circulation where it's needed most," says dermatologist Joyce Imahiyerobo-Ip, PhD. Rubbing on a thick, moisturizing cream before putting on socks will also reduce the friction you experience while on the bike, while running, or really during any exercise that requires lots of impact on your feet.

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Aromatherapy During Meditation

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When Savasana seems like a constant battle against thoughts about work deadlines, you may want to consider adding aromatherapy to your meditation practice. According to Peredo, citrus and eucalyptus can inspire energy and focus while lavender (like Plant Guru's Lavender Essential Oil), frankincense, and balsam fir essential oils tend to encourage relaxation and deep meditation. If using them on your skin, don't forget to use a carrier (think: coconut oil or body lotion) to avoid an allergic reaction to the concentrated product.

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Lip Mask on a Long Run

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Many runners are mouth breathers (at least when they're working out), which can lead to dry, cracked lips. And you know that licking your lips only makes the problem worse. Throw on a lip mask or conditioning balm before your next long run to seal in hydration, says dermatologist Marina Peredo, PhD. Just be sure it contains SPF, like this Perfect Pout Lip Mask + Lip Balm Duo from Kaplan MD.

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Moisturizing Cream During Hot Yoga

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The number one mistake people make in their post-gym skincare routine is aggressive scrubbing. Skin loses moisture when you sweat, which leaves it dehydrated, and exfoliating can aggravate conditions such as eczema and acne, explains Imahiyerobo-Ip. Retaining moisture during hot yoga is especially important because of all that excessive sweating.

By applying an oil-free moisturizing cream before class, you can provide your skin with much-needed hydration plus antioxidants and anti-aging benefits while you're at it. Contrary to popular belief, Imahiyerobo-Ip says lightweight hydrating gels and serums will retain water in the skin without causing breakouts. (Try this budget-friendly Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Refresher Gel-Cream.)

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