Beauty Hacks to Save Precious Time In the Morning

Get out the door faster (or sleep in later) with these tips from YouTube beauty blogger Stephanie Nadia.

Shave minutes off your a.m. routine with these DIY hacks from YouTube beauty blogger Stephanie Nadia that will help you get out the door faster (or sleep in later, if that's your thing). They'll also help you look instantly more awake, so you don't need to worry about layering up the under eye concealer. (Want more? See 6 Get-Out-the-Door Beauty Hacks.)

1. Give Yourself a Green Tea Steam Facial

Swap your morning coffee for a freshly brewed cup of green tea, which is packed with antioxidants for anti-aging benefits, and helps control inflammation and redness. Plus, the steam will help unclog your pores quickly so you can kill two birds with one stone.

2. Try Tea Bag "Depuffers"

Use that same green tea bag to stimulate blood flow and reduce puffiness and under-eye circles. (Here, more insanely easy hacks for getting rid of under eye bags.)

3. Use Exfoliating Facial Wipes

Skip your cleanser and go straight for the face wipes. A textured version will help exfoliate and cleanse without the whole lathering step.

4. Use Baking Soda as a Whitener

Whitening strips are great, but this trick is even faster. Dip your toothbrush into baking soda to help lift any surface stains for pearly whites.

5. Make a Sugar and Honey Lip Scrub

Putting on lipstick takes so much more time when lips are dry and flaky. Instead, take two minutes to create a sugar and honey lip scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells and moisturize lips so your color goes on smooth the first time. (Bonus: It's edible!)

6. Chill Your Eye Cream and Toner

Before going to bed, put your eye cream and toner in the fridge for a more refreshing application in the morning that will also help tighten pores and reduce puffiness.

7. Use Coconut Oil

Instead of your moisturizer, try coconut oil. It's naturally nourishing and moisturizing yes, but it also has antioxidants that help with anti-aging, as well as antibacterial properties making it helpful for treating breakouts too. Read: It's basically like five different skin care products in one! (Check out the other oil you should add to your beauty routine.)

8. Heat Your Eyelash Curler

While you already have your blow dryer handy, warm up your eyelash curler for longer lasting lift and curl. It'll save you from having to go over your lashes multiple times.

9. Use the Business Card Trick

If you're in a rush and can't afford to make mascara mistakes, place a business card behind your lashes when applying mascara. No eye-makeup remover necessary!

10. Use Vaseline as Mascara

If you're out of mascara (or just don't feel like taking the time to apply it) quickly rub some vaseline over your lashes for definition and conditioning.

Bonus tip:Swipe a nude eyeliner in your waterline to create a bright eye look and create the illusion of bigger eyes and fuller, darker lower lashes.

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