Beauty How-To: Smoky Eyes Made Simple

"With a bit of strategically applied eye shadow and liner anyone can get a sultry, come-hither look," says Jordy Poon, celebrity makeup artist at New York's Rita Hazan Salon. Follow these tips from Poon, who's worked with Ashlee Simpson and Michelle Williams, to score a smoldering gaze-in the blink of an eye.

What You'll Need:

An eye shadow base

An eye shadow compact containing silver, gray and charcoal

Black eyeliner

Black mascara

Get the Look in 5 Simple Steps:

1) Apply shadow base to your entire lid. This will prevent anything you put on top from creasing.

2) Define your upper lashlines with eye pencil. To make straight, even lines, work from the outer edges in. Then blend with a cotton swab.

3) Sweep on shadow. Use a medium brush to apply gray, the medium color to your entire lid. Then dust chocolate, the darker shade, onto your creases as an accent. Lastly, highlight the area just under your brows with the lightest shade. "Palettes are handy because they take the guesswork out of choosing colors; they've been designed to contain only complementary hues," says Poon.

4) Apply your pencil. Redefine your upper lashlines with pencil, but don't blend this time, for an extra dose of deep, dark color.

5) Layer on mascara. "Apply two coats in rapid succession, wiggling the wand from the base of lashes to the tips to avoid clumping," says Poon. "For extra impact, curl your lashes first."

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