Beauty Tips & 911 Quick Fixes for Hair Emergencies


Bleach your hair into oblivion? Tired of split ends? Follow these beauty tips to rescue your mane. Shape lists common hair problems along with quick fixes to each, from too-short bangs to dull hair and much more.

Hair Problem: You've cut your bangs too short

Quick Fix: To help disguise the length of your bangs, sweep them to the side until they grow out rather than wearing them straight down on your forehead. Coat damp bangs with a pea-size drop of light-hold gel, then blast them to the side with a blow-dryer. You can also camouflage your handiwork by pulling the hair off your forehead with stylish bobby pins or a headband.

Hair Problem: Split Ends

Quick Fix: Split ends cannot be fixed or mended; they can only be cut off. Be gentle with your hair and use a deep conditioner twice a week to help prevent further damage. Try to minimize the stress on your strands between cuts by avoiding vent brushes with plastic bristles, shampooing every other day and protecting hair from heat-styling by using a leave-in conditioner.

Hair Problem: You OD'd on highlights and your hair's bleached out

Quick Fix: Look for an allover, demi-permanent color (a long-lasting, temporary dye that washes out in four to six weeks) in a hue one shade deeper than your highlights to get rid of brassiness. If your hair still isn't the shade you want, head to the salon to have a professional weave in some lowlights to reintroduce the darker undertones you've lost.

Hair Problem: Dry, Dull Hair

Quick Fix: Try leave-in conditioners that can add moisture to your hair and protect it from environmental damage that could lead to additional moisture loss. Look for products that contain hydrating botanicals such as rice milk, bamboo milk and milk thistle. Alternate your regular shampoo with a clarifying one once every few weeks to prevent product buildup.

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