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Beauty Tips for Active Women

Alex Morgan

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Olympic gold medalist (soccer)
“I use Redken Argan Oil in my hair so I don't get split ends from being in the sun every day and having my hair in a ponytail so much. It also helps prevent my hair from drying out due to over-washing. I work it into dry or damp hair, concentrating on the mid-lengths and ends.”

Allyson Felix

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Olympic gold medalist (track & field)
“I keep facial wipes in my workout bag at all times and put them to good use after every race, workout, and gym session.”

Kara Goucher

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Long-distance runner
“Even though I run twice a day and lift weights at the gym, I only wash my hair five times a week; the rest of the time I wear a hat or a ponytail. I also just rinse my hair with water and then lightly condition it to help retain its color and health. On hot, sweaty days, I wear a bun so that I'm not letting my long hair pick up the sweaty salt from my shoulders. It keeps the ends of my hair healthier.”

Lolo Jones

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Track & field world champion and 2014 winter Olympic bobsled hopeful
“Since my hands are constantly exposed to the cold, harsh elements, I use Bert's Bees hand salve to save them from being dry and to prevent callouses caused from pushing the bobsled. At night, the last thing I do before getting into bed is put on moisturizer. I also rely on Degree deodorant with MotionSense technology, which releases bursts of freshness as you move, so the more I move, the more it protects.”

Michelle Wie

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LPGA Tour player
“My hair is dry and damaged due to being in the sun all day, so to keep it soft and healthy, I soak it in coconut oil at least once a week. I’ll melt the oil and apply it liberally to my hair, concentrating on the ends and brushing it through. Then I put it up in a bun and try to leave it in as long as I can. After a couple of hours, I wash and condition my hair, and I’m left with soft manageable tresses.”

Rachael Balaguer

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Austin Nationals soccer player
“I dye my eyelashes and eyebrows to create a natural look with no makeup when I’m out on the field. Before games, I always curl my lashes and put on some waterproof mascara from Rae cosmetics, a line that’s made specifically for active women because the products are heat- and perspiration-resistant.”

Kelly Clark

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Olympic gold medalist (snowboarding) and K2 Snowboarding team member
“After a day on the mountain or post-gym, I like using Bed Head's After Party hair product line to minimize fly-aways and help keep body.”

Cappie Pondexter

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New York Liberty WNBA player
“I sweat a lot, which makes my extensions hard to maintain. What works best for me are Jane Carter Solution products. The line helps keep my real hair and scalp moisturized and healthy underneath my added on pieces.”

Belen Mozo

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LPGA Tour player
“I don’t go a day without applying baby oil after my nightly shower to keep my legs feeling extra smooth and looking cute in golf skorts.”

Anna Segal

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Freestyle skier
“Being up in the mountains, the altitude and cold weather is really harsh on my already-dry hair. To keep it good condition, I comb Moroccan Oil treatment through it after each wash. When it gets super dry, I also smooth leave-in conditioner through the ends before I hit the slopes.”


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