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Updated: March 07, 2019
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Searching for a BB cream that works perfectly with your skin type can be a nightmare. I've probably gone through over 10 brands of BB cream trying to find the right one, but there's always a flaw-too greasy, too heavy, not enough coverage, smells weird, feels sticky, makes me look like a ghost-the list goes on. Even though I've gone through so much trial and error with BB cream, I've been determined to find the perfect one because it saves so many steps in my makeup routine. I like to keep my routine as low-maintenance as possible, and BB cream helps me get the coverage, SPF, and moisture I need, all at the same time. (Related: Are Semi-Permanent BB Cream Tattoos the Next Microblading?)

When I decided to try out Holika Holika's Pore Clearing Petite BB Cream ($9,, you can only imagine how surprised I was to discover it would be the last BB cream I'd ever buy. This Korean beauty product is everything I could hope for my oily, acne-prone skin: It conceals my blemishes just enough without feeling heavy, smooths out my skin's texture, mattifies without drying out, calms down redness, and provides sun protection. This particular BB cream has tea tree oil in it, which is known for treating acne and shrinking pores, so I never have to worry about breaking out after wearing it (and I never have!).

Even if you don't have the same skin type as me, there's probably a Holika Holika BB cream for you. Its entire line of BB creams was designed to target other skin concerns, from anti-aging to dry or dull skin. Another standout customer favorite? The Bouncing Petit BB Cream, which firms skin with ingredients that help prevent collagen breakdown. Shoppers love that it's moisturizing without settling into their face lines. (Related: The Best Mattifying Foundations, Tinted Moisturizers, and BB Creams for a Filter-Like Finish)

"Bouncing works perfect for me. It gave my skin a nice dewy look," wrote one shopper. "I have dry, maturing skin (44yrs) with a tiny line or two. It's very hydrating and makes my skin feel so soft and doesn't settle into fine lines."

Another customer raved that she's never had a bad makeup day after purchasing the Holika Holika Pore Clearing BB cream. "As I used this product it did grow on me. I realized that my skin did look more youthful (I'm 43) and I really do think overall I look better. I have tried about three different BB creams so far and am planning to stick with this one," she wrote. "I just haven't had a 'bad makeup day' since I've started using this and that's weird. I often have days I feel my makeup isn't covering well, or is dry looking, or shows every pore." (Related: The Best Primers, Setting Sprays, and Finishing Powders to Help Your Makeup Last)

So if you've struggled to find just the right BB cream (like me), Holika Holika's might be the one for you-it won't hurt to try, especially for just $9 a tube.

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March 8, 2019
I have used many BB cream and the one I always recommend friends is the Missha BB cream. No.23 suits my skin tone the best, but they have many color options as well.