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Why You Should Be Shopping for Beauty Products at Urban Outfitters

Gourmand Eau de Parfum Fragrance

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This fragrance line—exclusive to OU—boasts 16 different trendy and cruelty-free fragrances to fit every mood, from breezy Papaye Tropique and Lait de Coco to cozy Chai Épicé. Layer with Gourmand's shimmering body oil for double the scent power (and a sparkly bonus). ($18;



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Sphynx Portable Razor

sphynx portable razor shaving kit

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If you've ever hacked away at leg hair over an office or restaurant sink in a shaving emergency, you're not alone—and that's exactly why Sphynx was born. This all-in-one portable shaving kit includes two razor blades, a refillable water spray bottle, and a moisturizing bar so you can get a nick-free shave at the drop of a hat. ($15;

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Milk Makeup Matcha Toner

milk makeup matcha toner stick urban outfitters

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This stick-style toner puts antioxidant-rich matcha to work on your skin. Stash it (and one of these portable facial cleansing sticks) in your gym bag for an easy post-workout skin-care routine that eliminates spillage. ($26;


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Lovability "Babe with the Power" Condoms

Lovability condoms for women urban outfitters

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Heads up, world: Condoms don't need to come in pretty pink and purple packages for women to want to be prepared for safe sex.

These Lovability condoms are the chic upgrade from neon plastic strips that we can totally get behind. The individually wrapped condoms come with a reusable tin (shown) to keep them protected inside your pocket, clutch, or tote. Even better? The power-babe vibes you'll get from whipping this baby out. ($8 for three;

Photo: Urban Outfitters

UO Metallic Foil Sheet Mask

urban outfitters rose gold metallic sheet mask

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Take your on-trend sheet mask to peak Instagram potential with a rose gold metallic version, available exclusively at UO. Each metal possesses its own skin-boosting properties, but the rose gold version steeps your face in a moisturizing blend of soybean extract, mushroom extract, and witch hazel water. Welcome to your best self(ie) ever. ($3;


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Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs And Rosewater

mario badecsu facial mist urban outfitters

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No need to hit Sephora for your fave cult beauty products; you can grab this Mario Badescu facial spray at Urban while you're shopping for a new velvet dress. This do-it-all hydrating miracle revives dry skin day or night (over or under makeup) and even refreshes blah hair. ($12;

(These other refreshing facial spritzes will get your skin through summer.)


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INKED by dani Temporary Tattoos

inked by dani temporary tattoos urban outfitters

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Wear your love of pizza, ice cream, and... aliens(?) on your sleeve all summer long with these hand-drawn grown-up temporary tats. More of a B&W lady? Other packs include tasteful script letters and arrows, white tattoos (for showing off your tan), and one made specifically for BFFs. ($12;

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Lime Crime Plushies Soft Focus Lip Veil

plushies soft focus lip veil urban outfitters

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This soft-focus lip veil is like portrait mode for your pout; the gentle dose of color makes a statement without leaving an über-shiny gloss or dehydrating matte finish. Add additional layers for richer color—or just to get another whiff of the blackberry candy scent. ($20;


Photo: Urban Outfitters

Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer

no poreblem pore perfecting primer korean beauty

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K-beauty's reputation precedes itself—and so does this pore-perfecting primer from Korean beauty brand Touch In Sol. It uses green tea extract to smooth and perfect pores, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone in one swipe. Adopt this (and some of these other Korean beauty skin-care essentials) into your regimen and you'll never go back. ($18;


Photo: Urban Outfitters

Lavender Stardust Roll-On Shimmer Body Glitter

roll-on body glitter urban outfitters

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Turn your hair, body, and face into KiraKira IRL with this swipe-anywhere glitter roll-on. Choose between Ocean Blue, Gold, opal-y Oyster, or silver-y Irridescent (or be ~the most~ and wear multiple) and shine all day and night. ($16;

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Winky Lux Flower Balm

winky lux flower balm lip stain urban outfitters

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You've likely seen this gorgeous balm on your Instagram feed—and for good reason. Winky Lux's flower balm magically suspends a real chrysanthemum right inside the clear tube of lip stain. That's right: This balm goes on clear but reacts with your skin’s pH levels to adjust to the perfect barely-there shade of pink. ($14;


Photo: Urban Outfitters

OUAI Wave Spray

ouai texture spray beach hair urban outfitters

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This texturizing mist is like surfer hair in a bottle—minus the sun damage and tangles. Spray on clean hair (wet or dry) or on your sweaty post-workout strands to turn gym hair into an "I did this on purpose" look. ($26;


Photo: Urban Outfitters

Dr. Ginger's Coconut Toothpaste

dr. gingers coconut toothpaste

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Take your mouth to the tropics with Dr. Ginger's coconut-mint flavored toothpaste, made with coconut oil, aloe vera juice, and natural mint flavor. ($11;

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Gisou Honey-Infused Hair Oil

gisou honey hair oil urban outfitters

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The price tag may seem steep for a simple hair oil, but this product is like five in one; the blend of honey and propolis (a substance collected by honeybees) can be used as a pre-styler, finishing smoother, or overnight leave-in treatment. Say hello to your smoothest, shiniest hair ever. ($90;


Photo: Urban Outfitters

Frank Body Coffee Scrub

frank body coffee scrub urban outfitters

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Love how coffee turns you into a magical human being in the morning? Use this buzzed-about product to give your skin the same wake-up refresh that java gives your brain. Grab the original coffee, coconut, or cacao flavor to slough off dead skin and leave your bathroom smelling café fresh. ($18;


Photo: Urban Outfitters

T.S. Pink SkinStones Bath Soap

skinstones crystal bath soap urban outfitters

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Take your love of healing crystals into the bath with this pretty pink bar soap that looks like the ultimate self-love stone, rose quartz. If that doesn't have you feeling the self-care vibes, the chamomile and lavender scent surely will. ($8;

(See what happened when one writer tried using a crystal deodorant rock all summer.)

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COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

acne spot treatment stickers patches urban outfitters

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You know what's the worst? Trying to send a goodnight Snapchat to bae and realizing that none of the filters will cover up those white dots of acne spot treatment on your face. Meet your new BFF: acne patches. Pop one of these inconspicuous stickers over a pimple, and watch as the hydrocolloid patch helps flatten and heal your breakout without overdrying your skin. ~Magic~. ($6;


Photo: Urban Outfitters


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