The Best Black Natural Hair Influencers to Follow for Styling Tips, Tutorials, and More

Whether you're looking for formulas catered to coily textures or tips on how to make wash-and-gos work for you, these are the natural hair gurus you need to follow.

All hair is good hair — do not let anyone tell you otherwise. As a Black woman who has ranged from 4A-4C hair throughout my life, I can proudly say the relationship I've built with my luscious locks is one I wouldn't trade for the world.

However, my relationship with my hair hasn't always been the strongest or healthiest (see: that time in 2011 when I decided to perm my hair and then followed up with an equally damaging dose of bleached highlights). But about four years ago, I took a stand against my own unhealthy habits, decided to put my hair health first, and repaired my mane back to its former and natural glory.

Best Black Natural Hair Influencers
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After cutting my weak, damaged strands, I immediately sprang into action, surfing the net and social media for tips, tutorials, and any other guidance I could find about maintaining my natural hair. In my search, I found comfort and solace in a community of Black women just like myself, who were all embarking on their own natural hair journeys and had a trick or two up their sleeves to share. From Black hairstylists to everyday Black vloggers, bloggers, and influencers, this community welcomed me with open arms. The importance of sharing this experience truly transcended my way of thinking and the overall motivation behind my hair-care habits. (

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Whether you're in the earliest stages of transitioning and looking for protective natural hairstyle ideas to maintain your hair health and growth, or if you're on the prowl for the latest curly products to perfect your favorite styles and looks, this community will welcome you with open arms, too. Here are 10 Black influencers and stylists who are leading the charge in the natural hair game.

Kia Marie (@thenotoriouskia)

Known for her Grade-A sneaker and streetwear looks and tantalizing twist-out and natural hairstyles, Kia Marie (aka The Notoriouis Kia) is a content creator worth following. With her various hairstyling and maintenance vlogs and her range of outfit pairings with today's must-have sneakers, she's built an online community of Black women who simply want to live their best lives by looking equally as good as they feel. "My goal is to inspire women to live life unapologetically by finding comfort in their uniqueness." she penned in her online blog. "Connecting and building a community online is how I balance my love for all things style and culture."

Christin Brown (@curlfactor)

A celebrity stylist with all the answers, Christin Brown is one of Instagram's trending experts in the curly and natural hair space. She may boast household-name clients such as Yara Shahidi and Tamera Mowry, but the simple fact is that Brown loves hair and loves what she does. Check out the celeb stylist's hair tutorials on her IGTV feed, or find out more information about virtual consultations or one-on-one curl courses on her website. (

Yene Damtew (@yenedamtew)

You might recognize Yene Damtew as the leading lady behind Michelle Obama's iconic 2021 inauguration hairstyle. While the stylist is known for being an educator and mentor for those with curly hair and natural hair textures, Damtew also knows how to hook her clients up with long, luscious weaves, extensions, and silk presses. If you're looking for hair versatility and don't always have the time to maintain your curls, follow Damtew for some gorgeous inspiration.

Chizi Duru (@chiziduru)

This YouTube vlogger is known for posting hair braiding and natural styling tutorials catered to one of the most common, yet misunderstood hair types: 4C curls. Not only will Chizi Duru have you on the floor laughing from the day-to-day experiences she shares in her vlogs, but she'll also give you the courage and motivation you need to care for your 4C hair by offering all types of natural and protective styling ideas, from twists to knotless braids.

Jewelliana Palenica (@jewejewebee)

A YouTube OG in the curly hair space, Jewelliana Palencia specializes in natural hair routines, hair maintenance how-to videos, and lifestyle videos. Since she first started sharing her tips on social media way back in 2013, Palencia has gained the trust of many natural girls looking for a community of like-minded curly chicks who are going through similar hair journeys.

Kimberly Cherrell (@kimberlycherrell)

Kimberly Cherrell has recently become a fan favorite on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Skilled with the ability to film hair tutorials and curly hair looks in as little as 15 seconds, Cherrell creates content for Black women with 4A-4C who are looking to find fun ways to style their hair and laugh a little along the way. If you love content that makes you smile and teaches you something new about protective styling methods — from bohemian twists and knotless braids to wash-and-gos — make sure you follow Cherrell ASAP.

Zenita (@trulytalentedbeauty)

This inspiring influencer has gained the attention of curly girls with thicker, more coily textures. One scroll through Zenita's Instagram feed and you'll find tons of videos with advice about daily maintenance, wash-day routines, styling, and more. For Zenita, she says her hair-care routine is all about protecting her locks from damage. "Ever since I got my cut, I've been determined to figure out what kind of natural hair lifestyle I want. I decided I wanted a lifestyle that is low maintenance and healthy," she shared in a recent post. "With that being said I've definitely redefined my idea of a protective style and I'm focused on making sure the styles I do actually prevent damage to my hair versus cause it." (

Nneoma aka "Nee" (@nneunfiltered)

If you haven't already accidentally stumbled upon Nneoma's Instagram page or YouTube videos during mindless hours of scrolling, her content needs to be on your radar. You're bound to pick up a helpful tip or two from her how-to guides, product hauls, and DIY wig content, but it's her outgoing comedy skits and infectious personality that'll have you turning on her post notifications for more.

Khadijat aka "Peakmill" (@peakmill)

If natural hair maintenance is your thing but day-to-day styling isn't, this content creator is worth following. Khadijat, aka "Peakmill", has a community of over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube who are dedicated to receiving the real scoop on the best wigs and vendors in the industry. While Peakmill also has videos about natural hairstyling — including how she maintains her daughter's natural hair — she's highly trusted when it comes to referring Black women to wig vendors and regularly shares advice on how to apply wigs, care for wigs, and how to get the most bang for your buck.

Jasmine Brown (@jasmeannn)

Another OG in the curly hair space, Jasmine Brown has made a name for herself as a YouTube vlogger and natural hair guru. She's worked with some of the top curl brands, recommending the best curl products and curl routines from Bumble and Bumble, Moroccan Oil, and more. For those who don't mind switching up their natural look from time to time, she even has a series of videos about straightening curly hair, including tips on how to protect against heat damage and maintain your hair in its sleek, straightened state.

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