The Best Body Exfoliators for Smooth Skin, According to Customer Reviews

Swap rough, bumpy skin for a baby-soft body, thanks to these loved exfoliators.

The Best In-Shower Exfoliators, According to Customer Reviews
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Welcome to the season of self tanners and summer shaving — which also means you're also likely to suffer from irritated, bumpy skin and ingrown hairs more often. And, with more beach trips on the horizon, sand, saltwater, and sun exposure might also take a toll on your limbs, leaving your body looking dry and scaly.

If you're looking for a way to keep your skin feeling baby-soft and without pesky bumps from shaving, consider investing in a body exfoliator, which helps slough away dead skin cells — thanks to either chemical exfoliants or physical beads — while simultaneously adding moisture back to your skin. "In-shower exfoliants remove dead cells from the skin's surface, free ingrown hairs, and unclog pores, resulting in smoother, more even skin," says Kavita Mariwalla, M.D., a New York-based dermatologist. (

When shopping for body exfoliators, Dr. Mariwalla advises choosing scrubs that contain sugar or coffee, which she notes is invigorating for the body. Not only does coffee contain antioxidant-rich caffeine, but the action of rubbing your body with these exfoliators can help boost circulation. She also cautions against using harsh exfoliants with large beads, such as apricot kernels or salts, because they can cause more irritation to the skin barrier. Also worth mentioning: Don't use body scrubs on your face unless the label explicitly says the product is meant for both, since larger sugar or coffee particles are not intended for more sensitive, delicate skin, including the skin on your face, points out Dr. Mariwalla. (Check out the best exfoliators for your face here.)

According to Dr. Mariwalla, body exfoliators can be used twice per week. While they're safe for most skin types, those with dry skin shouldn't overuse them, because it can cause irritation. "If a patient with dry skin is interested in using an in-shower exfoliant, I recommend applying lotion after use to lock in moisture and avoid skin irritation," says Dr. Mariwalla. And if you have sensitivities or a skin condition, such as eczema, proceed with caution or consult your dermatologist.

Ahead, the best body exfoliator options that not only meet Dr. Mariwalla's specifications, but also get rave reviews from customers.

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Ouai St. Barts Scalp & Body Scrub

body exfoliator ouai

With notes of dragon fruit, tuberose and orange blossom, this sugar scrub not only works to smooth skin and exfoliate product buildup from your scalp, but it smells heavenly (like a piña colada, according to one customer), as well. It increases circulation, thanks to the sugar content, and moisturizes and supports the natural defense of your skin's microbiome with a combination of probiotics and coconut oil.

One reviewer wrote: "Smells incredible. Exfoliates well. Leaves skin feeling smooth and supple; leaves scalp feeling refreshed. Absolutely love it and will purchase again. 11/10."

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Tree Hut Bare Shave Prep Sugar Scrub

best body exfoliator tree hut

More than 3,000 Amazon shoppers have awarded this body exfoliator five stars, with many noting how it helps them get a closer shave. Made with coconut and shea butter to moisturize and soften skin, this sugar scrub boosts circulation and polishes away dead cells to reveal glowing skin. Also nice: The scent is a blend of palm leaf, coconut, and lime — so it smells like a tropical getaway — and the lime actually helps to brighten skin. (One Shape editor also loves their matching shave oil for a super smooth shave.)

"This was a total game changer," raved a fan. "I live in Upstate NY, so it gets cold and dry. This scrub is aggressive enough to get off all the dry skin and I get a closer shave that lasts longer. It rinses off quickly and easily. I've used it on my entire body with no issues."

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Drunk Elephant Sugared Koffie Almond Milk Body Scrub

body exfoliator drunk elephant

Use this in the shower in the morning to wake yourself up. It's packed with raw sugar to exfoliate, coffee seed oil to fight free radicals (thanks to caffeine and antioxidants), and almond milk to nourish and soothe skin. (Related: Exfoliating Gloves Are the TikTok Trend That'll Give You Baby-Soft Skin)

"I can definitely smell almond and coffee! What I truly love about this scrub is how soft my skin is afterwards. It's amazing and I feel moisturized," said a customer.

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Wishful Yo Detox Face & Body Enzyme Scrub

body exfoliator wishful

This versatile scrub can be applied to the face and body since it uses chemical exfoliators, such as AHA and BHA acids, to slough off dead skin cells and reduce dark spots to even skin tone. Made with charcoal and pineapple and papaya enzymes, it also absorbs excess oil to refine pores and leaves your face and body looking brighter and more radiant. (Related: The Best Face Scrubs to Achieve Bright, Smooth Skin)

One reviewer wrote: "I've been using the product for two weeks and [it] has been clearing up my face so well. I work out a lot and my face breaks out because of sweating. [I've] also been using [this] on my body, and my skin feels so soft after."

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Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish

body exfoliator soap and glory

Sugar polishes skin to smooth out any bumps, while shea butter and grape seed and almond oils leave skin feeling moisturized. This body exfoliator also smells just as good as perfume, boasting notes of bergamot, mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, and soft musk.

"I love this stuff. Received a little sample and decided to purchase [the] full size. I use it before and after shaving and then when I just need a little exfoliation for dry skin. It's not too rough but gets the job done," reported a shopper.

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Coco and Eve Glow Figure Bali Buffing Sugar Scrub

body exfoliator coco eve

Refresh lackluster skin with this revitalizing lychee-dragon fruit scrub. Chock full of coconut flower sugar, coconut oil, and volcanic pumice, it works to get rid of dead skin cells while softening skin. (Related: What You Need to Know About Getting Rid of Cellulite, According to Dermatologists)

"What can I say, it's magic," shared a customer. "Isn't overly greasy, nor too harsh. When I use [it] in the tub, soaking in warm water, and then shave my legs... we're talking smooooooth! I use it in the shower too. It keep my arms, torso and tush super soft!"

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Sol de Janiero Bum Bum Body Scrub

body exfoliator bum bum

This cult-favorite scrub exfoliates using a plant-based blend of gently exfoliating cupuaçu seeds and sugar crystals. Bonus: It also features pure coconut oil, which adds moisture back as you slough away dead skin cells.

One fan said: "I used it on my daughter and [myself] and was super surprised! It is rough and is perfect for getting off dead, dry skin. When we used it in the shower, at first I thought we were going to get out and it [would be] sticky, but it [came] off all of our dry skin and [we] felt moisturized after. [My daughter] is 5 and gets dry because she has eczema. We didn't have to put lotion on after. It smells so good but not strong which is great because strong scents give me a headache."

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First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub

body exfoliator first aid

With both chemical and physical exfoliators, this easy-to-use squeeze tube of body scrub ensures that your skin feels super soft. It contains glycolic and lactic acid — which are great for combating acne and minimizing scarring — and gentle pumice buffing beads. On top of that, it has a near-perfect rating with nearly 6,000 five star reviews on Amazon. While anyone can use it, it's called "KP" Bump Eraser because it's designed to help with keratosis pilaris, a common skin condition that causes dry, rough patches and bumps.

"So I have keratosis pilaris or goose-like bumps on my bum and have always been super self-conscious about it. I've used this product 5-8 times and they are seriously like GONE," reported a shopper.

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Pacifica Cocoa Cinnamon Dual Exfoliant

body exfoliator pacifica

This scrub is specifically intended for those struggling with rough, bumpy skin. It exfoliates away dead skin cells with antioxidant-rich cinnamon, and contains cocoa seed butter, which leaves skin feeling nourished. (Related: Butt and Back Acne Have Met Their Match with This $15 'Magic' Spray)

"I've always had bumpy skin on my arms and legs, and I have never had an exfoliant that has helped me maintain smooth skin between exfoliation like this one. Highly recommend for anyone who struggles with rough or bumpy skin!" raved a customer.

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Kopari Exfoliating Crush Scrub with Brown Sugar and Fine Coconut Shells

body exfoliator kopari

Created with brown sugar and super fine coconut shells to exfoliate skin, this scrub will also leave you smelling beachy and like a baked good — in the best way. It's made with all-natural ingredients, and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and smooth. (Related: The Kopari Beauty Products Kourtney Kardashian, Olivia Culpo, and More Celebs Love for Dry Skin)

One reviewer said: "Just reordered this scrub! My skin feels hydrated and clean. It even cleared out breakouts on my back! The smell is also so wonderful and sweet! Cannot get enough of this product. It might be a bit pricey but it is totally worth it."

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