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Best Body Lotion for Your Skin

Philosophy Pure Grace Perfumed Body Lotion

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Why We Like It: We can't stop sniffing the soap-and-water scent of this classic collection from Philosophy. It's also infused with vitamin E, aloe, and natural extracts that will leave skin ultra soft and hydrated.

Who It's Good For: Ladies who enjoy a classic, tried-and-true beauty buy and like a fresh, clean scent.

Where to Buy: $34 for 16 oz. at

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Me! Bath Choco-holic Body Icing

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Why We Like It: Don't let the chocolate-y smell fool you. This shea body butter is more than just a yummy scent. It moisturizes skin while satisfying your chocolate craving—really!

Who It's Good For: This body icing is ideal for chocolate lovers who love a lot of moisture, borderline oil. It's silky and slippery when applied.

Where to Buy: $22.10 at

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Ole Henriksen Body Sleek Hydrating Lotion

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Why We Like It: Not only do we like this find's protective properties, its essential fatty acids and vitamins are also applied onto skin in a lightweight, non-greasy way.

Who It's Good For: Perfect for all skin types, this lotion is great for everyone.

Where to Buy: $28 at

SEBAMED Moisturizing Body Lotion

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Why We Like It: Don't forget—during the winter, sometimes the best defense is a good offense. This beauty buy, which is non-greasy and combines allantoin, sorbitol, and chamomile extract, will soothe your skin during the cold winter months and after.

Who It's Good For: Concerned about the rough climate ahead? This product will hydrate but not make your skin sweaty and slippery.

Where to Buy: $9.74 at

Phytomer Oligomer Well-Being Body Cream

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Why We Like It: This body lotion contains a special ingredient that's exclusive to Phytomer, which not only moisturizes and softens skin, it also fortifies and restores its energy. That means it improves cellular cohesion and the quality of the epidermis—it strengthens.

Who It's Good For: If you don't mind making a splurge for skin science's sake, this find will produce maximum results for your skin.

Where to Buy: $58 at

FixMySkin Healing Body Balm

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Why We Like It: This balm contains 1 percent hydrocortisone, which soothes dry or irritated skin and other skin conditions. Its body balm stick is also easy to apply.

Who It's Good For: No-fuss ladies whose skin needs some extra tender love and care will appreciate the healing properties of this lotion.

Where to Buy: $12 at

Nouri Shea Chamomile Shea Body Creme

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Why We Like It: This 70 percent organic shea butter will leave skin nourished and protected. Best after a bath or shower, massaging this rich creme is particularly great for chapped areas. We also can't get enough of its relaxing chamomile ingredient.

Who It's Good For: Eco-friendly ladies who like to keep things pretty natural will love this beauty buy.

Where to Buy: $20 at

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Beyond Coastal AfterSun Moisturizer

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Why We Like It: After-sun moisturizers can be your best kept secret. With its healing properties also come anti-aging perks. This one, in particular, is also chock full of natural antioxidants and skin restorers.

Who It's Good For: If you're out in the sun a lot or are concerned about how your skin ages, this beauty buy is perfect for you.

Where to Buy: $14.99 for 4 oz. at


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