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The Best New Clean Skin-Care Products

Clean Beauty Skin-Care Must-Haves

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If you're making the product swaps to the ever-more-popular world of clean beauty, you're in luck. The industry is filled with thoughtful, passionate founders fueled by creating products that truly bring something unique to your clean skin-care routine. While that might mean it's going to take a long time for your favorite clean brands to launch a new product, it's usually well worth the wait.

From cult-favorites to newcomers, this list of clean skin-care products includes green, clean, and truly exciting launches you'll want to add to your shelfie ASAP.

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Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask

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It doesn't take a tightening clay mask or a tingly peel to make your home feel like a spa. Just try Tata Harper's new mask, which is described as "multi-hyaluronic treatment" (aka it contains a number of forms of the hero hydrator). But that's certainly not all—the product of 43 botanicals, the mask contains 18 nutritious sources of vitamins and minerals and 13 redness-soothing flowers. The result is a creamy concoction that leaves skin calmed and deeply moisturized.

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Photo: Tata Harper

Indie Lee Gentle Daily Peel

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Peel pads are a dime a dozen. Their clean, green counterparts? Not so much. That's why Indie Lee's new launch is particularly notable. In this nontoxic formulation, BHAs are derived from wintergreen, while AHAs come from caviar lime (a noted A-beauty ingredient). Vitamin C completes the active ingredient trifecta. Together, they work to gently slough away dead skin cells, dissolve excess sebum, and get skin clear and glowy. But Indie Lee's product doesn't stop there—they added botanical ingredients like jasmine, and burdock root to make sure skin stays hydrated rather than dried out.

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Photo: Indie Lee

True Botanicals Moisture Lock Overnight Mask

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Natural beauty behemoth True Botanicals says that this product, their first cream, took four years to formulate. It's designed to lock in the deep moisture that comes from oils and provide a super-lightweight veil to keep the good stuff in overnight. Bedtime is paramount for skin care, which is why products like this are important to give skin the tools it needs to boost restoration. It skips pore-clogging waxes and uses ingredients like camellia oil, mango butter, and tazman pepper to work together to hydrate, protect skin, repair environmental skin damage, and calm redness and irritation.

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Photo: True Botanicals

Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum

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In spite of serum being a misnomer (this product is decidedly an oil), this rich and silky omega-rich moisturizer is right to call itself luxurious. It's filled with 20 potent natural ingredients, including geranium flower oil for tightening, rosemary leaf extract for detoxifying, and avocado seed for restoring. The star of the show? Skin-soothing full-spectrum hemp oil. While opinions on CBD in skin-care are split, hemp seed oil, from which the CBD extract is derived, is an ancient fave, known for being rich in essential fatty acids.

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Photo: Saint Jane

Votary Intense Eye Oil

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Your most delicate, thinnest skin shows aging the fastest, so it pays to give the under-eyes a little extra love. Fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness are inevitable as you age—regardless of skin type—but British brand, Votary, seeks to remedy these issues with their powerful oil. This sleek black vial has a cooling ball applicator, which makes it super pleasant to use.

The formula itself, which contains a blend of active flowers, is even more interesting. Tuberose extract firms and brightens, while sweet iris encourages cell regeneration and acmella provides a gentle tightening effect. The active oil-soluble retinoid works to slow the breakdown of collagen, brighten, and firm.

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Photo: Votary

In Fiore Vis Clair Supreme Firming Eye Complex

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San Francisco-based Julie Elliott's In Fiore products are the result of luxurious plant magic (aka 100 percent natural, ethically sourced botanical ingredients), and her new eye cream is no exception. It's designed to address fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, and environmental damage. The hero ingredient is microalgae, which stimulates collagen synthesis.

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Photo: In Fiore

Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence

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One of the most hotly anticipated beauty releases (clean or otherwise) is the second-ever product from the creators of the cult-favorite Vintner's Daughter oil, which launched about five years ago. Yep, that's right. Founder April Gargiulo waited five years to release her second product, four of which were spent working on the water-soluble partner to her oil-soluble hero product.

Together, they're meant to be pretty much all you need (well, minus cleanser and SPF), which is good because they're a splurge-worthy duo. The essence includes three plant stem cell complexes which build collagen, stabilized vitamin C, two sizes of hydrating hyaluronic acid, pre and probiotics, and microexfoliating lactic acid and fruit enzymes. Do you feel glowier and smoother already?

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Photo: Vintner's Daughter

Drunk Elephant A Passioni Retinol Cream

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The obsession-worthy "clean clinical" brand recently launched its first retinol, a cream with 1 percent vegan retinol—a high percentage FWIW. To prevent irritation, the brand filled the formula with all sorts of nourishing, superfood ingredients like passionfruit, kale, apricot, and marula that can counter sun damage, and rejuvenate skin. Peptides, another anti-aging ingredient, are in there too, which give skin that coveted bounciness.

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Photo: Drunk Elephant

Supernal Cosmic Glow Oil

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New brand Supernal launched with one oil and a celestially-inspired name. This minimalist-chic green oil, the creation of a certified aromatherapist, is a silky-smooth, fast-absorbing product. It's designed to nourish, hydrate, and encourage radiance with natural ingredients including camellia oil, blue tansy, squalane, frankincense, and baobab—to name a few.

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Photo: Supernal


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