Find out the beauty products you need in your cosmetics bag for your next office-to-drinks switch

By Refinery29
December 02, 2014
Getty Images

So, your workday-from-hell is finally over-and now, all you want to do is make a beeline for the bar to grab a cocktail and delicious appetizers. If you had time to go home first, you'd treat yourself to a fresh coat of foundation, but at the office you don't quite have the luxury of doing so. (Anyone who's ever tried to apply a full face of makeup in a public bathroom can testify to that.)

Forced to work with what you've got, you turn to your makeup bag for salvation, but none of the products seem to cut it. After all, how could you possibly combat an eight-hours-old face of makeup with six lipsticks, a concealer stick from 2011 (bad!), and an eyebrow spoolie?

The solution: a strategically packed cosmetics bag that won't have you lugging your entire arsenal to and from work. So, for the next time you attempt the office-to-drinks switch, we've got you covered. Say hello to your new LBB (little beauty bag)! [Head to Refinery29 for the full story!]