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The Best Hair Accessories for Your Workout

Strappy and Sweet

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Easily the cutest headband we’ve ever seen, this Gym Double Strap Headband from Lucy Activewear in the Dot Stripe pattern ($1.98 at wins our fitness-fiending hearts. And the best part is, we love the price tag!

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Sleek Headband

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Use this stylish Topless headband from Headsweats ($12 at to keep the sweat from dripping onto your face. It features the revolutionary COOLMAX fabric, which is designed to wick away perspiration. Even better, the bold-hued hair accessory also dries quickly.

For Designer Divas on Wheels

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Next time you ride your bike around town, keep your scalp and eyes protected from the sun’s harmful race with the Adidas by Stella McCartney Cycling Cap ($24 at This designer find will also contain your hair from getting in the way as you pedal.

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Perfect Ponies

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You can go with the traditional black or brown ponytail holder, or you can go fabulous with these Karina Perfect Hold Elastics ($3.37 at The jazzy collection comes with luscious blues, teals, pinks, purples and greens.

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Clips for Crops

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Just because your hairstyle is short -- attention, bobs, crops and choppy ‘dos -- doesn’t mean your hair is hopeless during a workout. Try the Goody Colour Collection Countour Clips ($3 at to keep hair off the face during your fitness routine.

Bands with Bling

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Bring the bling to the gym with these Juicy Couture Multi Thin Elastics with Charms ($25 at The collection comes with four thin elastic bands that spell out “Juicy” with clear crystals and metallic letters—so fabulous!

Tie It Up

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The best feature of this K-Swiss Women’s Head Tie ($17 at is that it’s adjustable. Some sport headbands tend to stretch out so much that it loses its elasticity. Tighten this sporty tie around your head as necessary to keep it in place.

Slip-Free Find

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What we love most about this cute Lululemon Slipless Headband ($12 at is the fact that it will actually stay in place regardless of workout. Use it when you jump rope, lift weights and run. When it’s dirty, just throw it in the washing machine for easy cleanup.

Visors for Vixens

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Whether you’re playing golf or tennis, you should never sacrifice style. Try the fun and flirty Polka Dot Pink Visor from MadCapz ($18 at It will keep both the sun and sweat off your eyes.

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Fashion and Fitness in One

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The Headband Buff ($15 at provides easy, yet super-stylish ways to keep your sweat and hair out of your face and eyes during a workout. Some of the choices out there are really sporty, and this hair accessory find puts style back into your workout. Choose from various patterns and colors that suit you best.

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Retro Reversible

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The cool thing about this Reversible Headband ($12 at is the fact that it’s reversible -- it’s a party on one side and serious on the other. Depending on your workout mood, flip as necessary.

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Cute Caps

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If your workout consists of swimming, use one of these Nike Swim Caps ($9.99 each at to maintain your hair healthy and away from the yucky chlorine. Choose from various funky designs like the Nike Amplify, Nike Tribal and Nike Skye Dye.

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Terrific Teeth

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Although the DCNL Biker Glam Black Hair Clip ($2.99 at is not a new revolutionary way to keep your hair in check during your workout, we’re about to blow your mind here... Create a ponytail, twist your hair and clip it down using this trusty hair accessory during your fitness routine. After you’re done, let it out, and voila -- a wavy ‘do that you can take with you for a night on the town.

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