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The Best Headphones for Every Situation

For Training

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Get your workout analyzed like a pro—minus the lab and crazy wires. The built-in heart rate monitor and audio coach make sure that you’re meeting your goals; the accompanying app lets you see where on your route you burn the most calories. ($200; jabra)

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For Meditation

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As the first in-ear noise-cancelling headphones, these buds are serious about blocking out distractions. You’ll be able to get zen anywhere, whether you’re in cooldown mode from a run or meditating before bedtime. There’s an aware mode too, so you can rest easy when in transit. Find them in black or white, for iOS or Android devices. ($300;

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For To and From Gym

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These headphones guarantee serious ear-gear envy. The interchangeable caps let you mix and match for your mood or outfit (see: rose gold, gun-metal, oil slick) so you can jam in noise-canceling bliss—and look good doing it. (Headphones, $200,; Caps, $40 to 50,

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For Sport

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If you’re hitting the batting cages or practicing boot camp drills, these Adidas buds will stay in place and serve you during your workout and all the way home. They stand up to moisture and fold up easily for transport. You’ll tote these with ease wherever your training takes you. ($80;


For Traveling

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These little buds are small and lightweight, easy to pack in your overnight bag or keep in your pocket on-the-go. They’re priced fairly too, so they won’t massacre your wallet for great sound and look—not to mention, they come in almost any color you like, so you’ll find whatever hue fits you. ($30;

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For Yoga

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When you just want to get those wires out of the way while you salute the sun, these headphones will serve you well. They’re lightweight and wrap around the back of the neck, so you can move from down dog to warrior 3 without any cords holding you back. And audio is transmitted via Bluetooth for concert-worthy sound, so everything from Sufjan to Snoop Dogg keeps you on your toes. ($100;

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For Spinning

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These Normal headphones are actually anything but—the “Sweat” edition is made specifically for athletes of all types. The tips are sweat-resistant silicone (with the option for black or red straps) and the eight-hour battery life will get you through multiple sweat sessions on the bike, without a cord yanking your posture out of whack. ($150;

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For Your Run

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These sporty earbuds are sweat and weather-resistant, perfect for a run outdoors. The casing will easily stay in place in your ear, and the easy remote and built-in mic will keep you connected to your music and phone calls (just in case). ($130;

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For Swimming

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Whether you’re donning a cap for some serious laps or know you’ll be jumping straight into the pool post-run, these waterproof buds have you covered. They’re sound up to 12 feet deep, and with five tip size options your sure to find the right fit. ($50;

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For Weight Training

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These Beats are built to endure your longest gym sessions, and help you avoid getting tangled up in a machine in the process. The bass capabilities will push you through those last few reps, and sweat will never mess with sound quality. Plus, the ear hook is flexible so you can forget about pinching and a hard shell carrying case will protect them to and from the gym. ($200;

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