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The Best "Healthy" High Heels for the Holidays

Platform Heels

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"Platforms are a good choice, as long as they have the 'rocking' bottom effect and aren't too flat," says Dr. Phillip Vasyli, Australian podiatrist. We like this pair from Jessica Paster for JustFabulous ($39.95,, which have a curved bottom and a fun holiday feel, for less than $40.


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"Depending on the height and the fit, the higher you go [with stilettos], the more force you are going to put on the ball of the foot and you're only going to be able to wear them for shorter periods of time," Vasyli says. At 4" tall, this sparkly Zara pair ($129, makes us feel like dancing. It gives enough of a boost without being overwhelming.

Booties with Heels

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"Pay attention to proper fit…if the fit is good and the heels aren't too high, that would be better. With a lower heeled bootie, you'll have more ankle movement," Vasyli says. We swoon for this fun pair of celeb-fave Miu Miu booties ($890, that offer optimum support and comfort, thanks to the chunkier heel.

Kitten Heels

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A lower heel—like this pair from Seychelles ($85,—is a really good option, especially for people with pronating issues or heel pain, Vasyli says. Plus, gold glitter is a staple for holiday soirees.

Tall Boots with Heels

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Tall boots are generally more restrictive, but if the fit is good and the heels aren't sky-high, this is a good option, Vasyli says. Who wouldn't love this black Michael Kors pair ($395, that's basic enough to go with everything, but far from boring.

Flat Boots with a Low, Chunky Heel

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"As long as they have stability and structure around the entire foot and aren't too flat, you will get more support," Vasyli says. We like this BCBGeneration pair ($158,, which has a low, chunky heel for height and comfort and comes in oh-so subtle yet still festive green.


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