The Best Products and Tools for Amazing Hair In Less Than 20 Minutes

SHAPE's beauty director shares four beauty hacks to get amazing hair in a hurry

It's probably fair to say that you don't have time for a full-on primp session in the mornings, right? More days than not you're likely rushing out the door with your hair in a bun or rocking messy waves from yesterday. (How did anyone ever survive before dry shampoo?)

The good news is you don't need a lot of time to look great and feel put together. All you need are a handful of products that can give you the look you're after without cutting into your precious a.m. time-that's reserved for your favorite smoothie spot, a quick HIIT workout, or you know, sleep. Kate Sandoval Box, SHAPE's beauty director shows you how to do all of the hair prep and styling quicker than you ever thought possible.

Comb Through Knots: 30 Seconds

Spray a detangler onto damp or dry strands to make getting those gnarly knots or tiny tangles (before they become gnarly knots) out faster and without ripping your hair.

Defrizz Your Hair: 30 Seconds

Spritz a straightening spray onto damp hair-the same heat-protecting product you'd use before using a flat iron. The oils will magically coat your strands for a rich, glossy look that soaks up all that frizzy moisture at the same time. Here's another Easy 2-Minute Trick for Frizz-Free Hair.

DIY Blowout: 10 Minutes

You can get a professional-grade blowout at home without spending hours in the bathroom. The secret is in the right tools-or more specifically, the right brush. A ceramic barrel offers the best heat distribution as you dry. Even better if you can find a sqoval shaped-brush (square-oval hybrid) as that will allow you flexibility in the range of bend and curl in your blowout. See, you can Get Salon-Style Hair at Home.

Create Loose Waves: 6 Minutes

Give those rotating curling irons a second look. Instead of tiring out your forearms and triceps-ack, yesterday was arm day-just clamp the ends of your hair to the barrel and push a button. The iron will automatically rotate toward your head. Make sure the barrel is facing the direction you prefer for your curls.

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