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The Best Sporty Nail Art On Instagram

Marathon Inspo

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When you're running 26.2, any little bit of extra motivation helps, like this awesome TCS New York City Marathon themed set. (Training for your first marathon? Check out 26.2 Mistakes I Made During My First Marathon So You Don't Have To.)

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Photo: @lauraannwalsh

Box It Out

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A mani that's a knockout––literally. Kill it in your boxing class with this pretty and tough design.

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Photo: @rosebnails

Live. Love. Lift.

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CrossFit's hardcore workouts require commitment, and this manicure definitely makes a statement of intention. Plus, this is probably the only time a kettlebell has looked cute. (Curious about CrossFit? Here's How to Add CrossFit to Your Workout Routine)

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Photo: @anna_kourti

Lipstick & Lifting

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We love this combo of girly and gritty: bright red lipstick is right up there with lifting and martial arts.

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Photo: @vanityprojects

Tennis Superstar

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Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki sported this awesome manicure at the U.S. Open last year. As nail art gets more popular, we'll surely be seeing more pro athletes wearing designs like this––hopefully at this summer's Olympics.

Photo: @carowozniacki

Cheerful Chakras

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This vibrant mani is perfect for the serious yogi, including seven beautifully rendered chakra symbols. A design like this will definitely remind you to get your namaste on as often as possible. (Psst...Here's The Non-Yogi's Guide to the 7 Chakras)

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Photo: @leilayoga

Keep Going

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Another inspirational marathon design, because the more encouragement, the better!

Photo: @vanityprojects


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Not sure if you're a spin addict? If you get SoulCycle tribute nails, you have your answer.

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Photo: @soulcycle

Just Do It

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Having a little reminder to "just do it" is good enough motivation for us to get to the gym every day. (Need a some help to get yourself out the door? Try these 10 Tricks to Get Motivated to Hit the Gym.)

Photo: @beautyink_dk

Namaste Nails

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The only things we need in life: peace, love, yoga and nail art.

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Photo: @m2stylist

Spinning with a Sweet Tooth

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Funny, @ValleyNYC––we work out for dessert, too!

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Photo: @valleynyc

Iron Strong

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An achievement like an Ironman definitely deserves a commemorative mani.

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Photo: @vanityprojects


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