Billie is out to normalize body hair with its new campaign.

Photo: Billie's Project Body Hair Campaign by Ashley Armitage & Luca Venter

This story originally appeared on by Erin Lukas.

Here's a fact that'll make you scratch your head: For over 100 years, women's razor ads haven't shown any actual body hair.

Pretty weird considering that these images are selling a product that's supposed to remove well, body hair, right? Billie, a female-run razor brand, is changing this with the launch of Project Body Hair. It's a groundbreaking new campaign that marks the first time a female razor company is showing body hair. (Related: My Tanning Habits In My Teens Have Made Me Terrified of Skin Cancer)

"Only showing smooth, hairless legs seemed like an archaic way of representing women," says Billie co-founder Georgina Gooley in a statement. "We have always said shaving is a choice-it's your hair and no one should tell you what to do with it. We're excited to launch a campaign that will help normalize body hair and change the one-dimensional way in which women are portrayed in mass media." (Related: This Adidas Model Is Getting Rape Threats for Her Leg Hair)

Billie was inspired to create Project Body Hair after realizing that there was a lack of representation of female body hair and the various ways women choose to groom it across the Internet-especially on stock photo sites. With the goal to normalize body hair, the brand will donate the campaign's photography shot by photographer Ashley Armitage and Luca Venter to Unsplash (a stock photo site) to bring more diverse images of women for everyone to use.

The brand is also encouraging its followers to get in on celebrating their body hair, too. Billie crowd-sourcing images of beautiful body hair with an upload feature on the campaign site, and with the hashtag #projectbodyhair on Instagram. (Related: This Insta-Famous Hairstylist Is Sporting Rainbow Armpit Hair for Pride)

Today, InStyle is helping Billie launch the Project Body Hair with a set of exclusive photos from the campaign. Keep scrolling to see beautiful female body hair in all its glory.