The Kardashians are obsessed with it for preventing stretch marks—but this product can do so much more.

By By Kristin Granero
April 18, 2019
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Photo: Amazon

Amazon customers know a good thing when they see, or at least try, it, so we can't help but be intrigued when we see a large number of them flocking to and praising a specific product (after all, they've turned us on to such gems as this one-piece swimsuit and these yoga pants).

A good review or thousand can be especially helpful when it comes to the world of beauty, where there is a seemingly endless-and hence sometimes overwhelming-supply of options to choose from and the stakes (as in your face and hard-earned money) can be high. (Related: These Are the Best Acne Products On Amazon Under $25, According to Thousands of Reviewers)

Enter Bio-Oil (Buy It, $17,, which has racked up four stars and more than 6,000 reviews from customers who've come to rely on it for a wide range of skin-care concerns, from improving the appearance of stretch marks and scars to helping to even skin tone and moisturize dry, aging skin.

"I used this for three days and by the fourth day, I was floored," wrote one reviewer. "I noticed my skin had a 'tighter' look and even younger. I wasn't expecting results like that. I also noticed that two freckles that have become blotches with age are almost completely faded."

"I've put this on at least one to two times daily since I received this two weeks ago. I use it on my belly where I have stretch marks from my pregnancy and I also use it on my face to help moisturize my dry skin. I can tell my face is clearing up from my months-long acne breakout," said another of her skin-care must-have. (Related: This $7 Witch Hazel Toner Is the #1 Best-Selling Beauty Product On Amazon Right Now)

"This product has changed my skin forever. I've been using it for a year and a half and my skin is better than ever. I mix mine with tea tree oil to treat my acne. It's light, it smells great, and it treats existing skin damage," said a third.

FWIW, the Kardashians have been raving about the multitasking oil, which is formulated with plant extracts, vitamins, and a special technology to help keep it "light and non-greasy," for years, with Kim saying she relied on it during her own pregnancy and Khloe naming it as one of her top picks for stretch mark prevention. (Related: Kim Kardashian Is a Fan of This $30 Glycolic Acid Toner That You Can Pick Up at Target)

Convinced? Test-drive the 2-ounce version of the oil for less than $9 or spring for the full-sized version for $17.