"Body positivity does not ban you from wearing makeup."

By Faith Brar
June 29, 2018

The #NoMakeup trend has been sweeping our social media feeds for quite some time. Celebs like Alicia Keys and Alessia Cara have even taken it as far as going makeup-free on the red carpet, encouraging women to embrace their so-called flaws. (Here's what happened when our beauty editor tried the no-makeup trend.)

While we're all about women practicing self-love, promoting a bare face has unfortunately created another monster of its own: make-up shaming.

Trolls have been flooding social media with comments humiliating those who prefer a solid contour, a statement eye, or a bold lip, claiming that all these products are simply a way to mask your insecurities. Body positive blogger Michelle Elman is here to tell you otherwise. (Related: Here's Why I'll Never Tell Anyone to Stop Wearing Makeup)

In a post shared last year that recently resurfaced on Instagram, Elman shared a side-by-side photo of her face along with a powerful and inspiring message. The photo on the left shows her wearing makeup with the words "body positive" written above, while the other shows her without makeup with the words "still body positive" on top.

"Body positivity does not ban you from wearing makeup, shaving any part of your body, wearing heels, dying your hair, plucking your eyebrows [or] any beauty regime you want to take part in," she wrote along the photos. "Body positive women wear makeup all the time. The difference is that we aren't reliant on wearing it. We don't NEED it to feel beautiful because we know we are inherently beautiful with or without it." (Related: 'Constellation Acne' Is the New Way Women Are Embracing Their Skin)

Elman's post explains that women can, in fact, be body-positive and still love wearing makeup. "We don't use it to hide anything," she wrote. "We don't use it to cover our spots, acne or acne scars. We don't use it to look like someone else. We use it when we want to use it."

At the end of the day, Elman reminds us that being body-positive means taking control of your own body doing what makes you happy. "Body positivity means WE own the rulebook when it comes to our faces and our bodies," Elman wrote. "Body positivity is about choice. It's saying we should have the choice to wear makeup or not."

Makeup or no makeup, Elman wants women to know that what matters most is doing what makes them feel good and not caring what society might think of their choices. "You are beautiful both ways," she says. "You will see me full breakout in my stories most days, in the gym, going to meetings, living my life... and you will also see me put makeup on. I'm entitled to both."

We couldn't agree more.