Shoppers Say This "Magic Potion" Makes Hair Look Instantly Thicker

The $25 spray adds volume without any buildup.

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If your hair is naturally thin or you're dealing with all-too-common hair loss, then you're probably familiar with the challenges that come with styling: Blowouts intended to add body to your mane can flatten out in an hour, and curling irons and straighteners don't do much help, either. Thick, voluminous hair may seem impossible — but Amazon shoppers appear to have found a ″magic potion″ that can change that.

Boldify's Hair Thickening Spray (Buy It, $25, has a non-sticky formula made with ingredients such as sea kelp and algae extract to nourish hair and protect it from damage, all the while adding volume. The spray promises results in just 60 seconds — and customers say it really delivers. (

"I have very thin hair," one shopper wrote. "I've tried shampoo treatments, prescriptions, serums, and my hair [still has fly-aways and is] baby-fine. Boldify adds a layer of thickness without being sticky or making my hair look dull. My hair still has texture hours later. This is my third bottle; it is now a necessity."

A key component that sets Boldify's spray apart from other options is that it doesn't make hair feel like it's coated in a film, nor does it leave hair feeling hard or stiff. "My hair is still touchable and soft," another reviewer wrote. "I spray and rub [the product] in after showering, then blow-dry, and my hair is noticeably fuller. If it gets flat later in the day, I can actually spray it into my dry hair to plump it back up again!"

BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray

Buy It: Boldify's Hair Thickening Spray, $25,

For those with naturally thin hair, Boldify's product can feel like nothing short of a ″miracle in a bottle,″ and it's also become a go-to for many people dealing with hair loss. While it's not a hair growth treatment, reviewers say it helps visibly fill out their hairlines or parts, all the while adding lift and body. (

And for those who like to style their hair with heated tools such as curling wands, Boldify's hair thickening spray can add much-needed grip to silky hair while also washing out easily. Simply put, Boldify's spray has become essential for many shoppers — some even going so far as to call it ″life-changing.″

For just $25, you can try the spray yourself. And if you don't see the results you want, Boldify's Thickening Spray has a 100 percent money-back guarantee. There's nothing to lose but bad hair days.

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