Women are making the practice a little more permanent.

By Julia Malacoff
March 16, 2017

Most people get tattoos to commemorate something that's really important to them, whether it's another person, a quote, an event, or even an abstract concept. That's why the latest trend in ink makes total sense and is "aww"-inducing at the same time. Moms have been getting breastfeeding tattoos and posting them on Instagram under the hashtag #breastfeedingtattoo. (BTW, check out these cool fitness tattoos that might just make you want to get inked.)

The trend is especially inspiring since stigma around the practice still exists-especially when moms want to do it in public. In fact, tons of celebrity moms have spoken out on this issue, in an effort to advocate for acceptance of this totally natural (as in, part of the cycle of life) practice. There's nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to breastfeeding, but it's still regarded as taboo in some places and communities. Of course, there's no excuse for judging women who decide to go the bottle-feeding route, either. How you feed your baby is a completely personal health choice.

In any case, it seems like many of the women who are getting in on this trend are doing it with the intention of normalizing breastfeeding, which is seriously admirable. After all, it's pretty hard to ignore that breastfeeding is just a part of life when you're confronted with a tattoo of it. Even if you've never breastfed a baby, you'll understand why women feel so strongly about it when you hear them talk about what it means to them. One mom shared in her caption: "I've only been nursing my baby for three months but I've never been more in love with anything in my life. It's my favorite labor of love. I hope I can continue to nurse Liam until he decides he's ready to wean. Thanks @patschreader_e13 for immortalizing that beauty for me."

These tattoos are also seriously gorgeous. (Psst, here's the awesome way tattoos boost your health.)

There are even mermaid-themed ones. How fun is that? Regardless of whether you're a "tattoo person," the love these moms have for their babies and their desire to honor their special bond with them is pretty heartwarming.