One lipstick, three ways (not all on your lips!). Prepare to have your mind blown.


Depending on how bold you like to go with your makeup look, applying red lipstick may not be a daily step in your morning routine. But in this second installment of "Blush Up with Steph," YouTube beauty blogger Stephanie Nadia shares how to make this statement lip color go the extra mile. (See her first video: The Beach-Proof Beauty Hacks You Need to Try)

Yes, the first obvious use is applying it to your lips, but as Steph shows, you can also use it as a cheek stain. (You may want to go with a more peachy tone depending on your complexion.) Just apply a dot or two on your cheeks and blend, blend, blend. Using a beauty blender helps to blend out the edges so it looks natural. (Here are 10 Lipsticks That Last All Day-without fading or touch-ups.)

The next magic use? Color correction. Apply the same red lipstick under eyes to magically erase dark circles. The red or peachy tones cancel out the grayness. Start by applying a few dots, and blend in with your ring finger. Once it's been thoroughly blended, apply your concealer as usual. (More on this here: How to Use Red Lipstick As Concealer)