Bronzing Basics


Saying pale is in is one thing; believing it is another. Here, UV-free ways to get glowing.

1. To create an even bronze, apply your self-tanner to lotion-free skin. Moisturizer dilutes self-tanners and prevents absorption.

2. To prevent creases on your stomach and back caused by bending over while your self-tanner is still wet, apply product to your feet and legs first, then move upward.

3. To achieve deep color, apply two or three thin coats (as you would nail polish) and wait 10 minutes for each to dry. If you're short on time, try spray-on self-tanners and bronzers; these are so light, they dry in about two minutes, so you can literally spray and go. Plus, they have nozzles that work upside down so you can target hard-to-reach areas like the middle of your back.

4. Maximize the life of your faux glow by smoothing on baby oil (which acts like plastic wrap) before hitting a cool-to-warm shower. Avoid hot water; it can dry out skin and make your tan blotchy.

5. Avoid your face; oilier skin and larger pores can leave color uneven. Instead, opt for bronzing powder or creams.

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