They said it was "ironic" that she's in an Olay commercial.

By Renee Cherry
August 28, 2019
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If you follow Busy Philipps, then you know her Instagram Stories usually feature clips of her dripping sweat during her workouts or screenshots of her favorite music. But after receiving a mean-spirited DM from a troll who told Philipps she has "terrible" skin, the actress felt compelled to share her reaction to the message with her followers. (Related: Busy Philipps Has Some Pretty Epic Things to Say About Changing the World)

"Some woman wrote a mean post to me about how she's got to 'keep it real' and needed to let me know that it's ironic that I have an Olay commercial cause my skin is terrible," Philipps wrote. (ICYMI, Busy stars in the campaign for Olay's new Regenerist Whip Moisturizer with SPF 25.)

Philipps went on to write that she loves her skin, especially in light of the fact that she's never used any injectibles. "Tbh, my skin is f*cking amazing and always has been and I've yet to inject Botox or filler into it and I'm 40," she wrote alongside the selfies. (Not that she has anything to prove, but FWIW her skin was glowing.)


However, the DM made her reflect on how she talks about her own skin, Philipps shared. She suggested that her tendency to criticize her own appearance in her Instagram Stories might've inspired the person to send the message.

"BUT! I do pick 'cause of stress and I am sometimes not kind to myself in stories about how I look and I will take that note and remember to speak about myself like I'm my own best friend. My own best friend with beautiful skin," she wrote.

Even though Philipps found a positive takeaway from the rude message, she still made sure to point out that it wasn't warranted in the first place: "Also, fyi you never need to 'keep it real' for me cause that's mostly just code for 'I need to say some mean sh*t to you under the guise of keeping it real' and I'm not here for mean sh*t." (ICYMI, Philipps had an equally satisfying response to being mom-shamed for her tattoo.)

Sadly this isn't the first time someone's insulted Philipps about her skin. She previously revealed that at the start of her acting career, her self-image suffered because she'd always see that her moles had been airbrushed out after photoshoots.

Despite what any photo editors or internet trolls might think, though, Philipps loves showing off her skin as is. "How I present myself on Instagram is how I like to look," she told People last year. "I'm normally not wearing makeup, and I'm normally just hanging with my kids—and that's how I feel the most empowered." (Related: How Busy Philipps Is Teaching Her Daughters Body Confidence)

A relatable and confident celeb starring in a skin-care commercial? We're failing to see any irony.


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