Why Butt Masks Are the Body-Care Luxury Everyone Should Be Getting Behind

Before you stock up on — or roll your eyes at — butt masks, read up on their benefits.

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The onset of summer means two things: One, it's time to soak up the warmth and vitamin D that the sun has to offer — with SPF protection, of course. And two, adjusting your skin-care routine may be helpful, especially if you're dealing with the likes of ingrown hairs (likely from shaving more often), increased sweat production, or buttne aka butt acne.

Butt acne — a form of body acne that appears, well, you know, back there — is pretty common, and it's one of a number of skin concerns that can affect your derrière. Enter: Butt masks.

Butt masks promise to address a slew of skin concerns such as acne, dryness, and discoloration. Of course, you may be skeptical that a targeted treatment is necessary on a part of your body that usually doesn't get to see the light of day. If you're wondering whether you actually need yet another skin-care product to add to your routine, keep reading.

Best Butt Masks to Try:

What is a butt mask?

"A butt mask is a skincare product designed to treat your other set of cheeks," as Joshua Zeichner, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist, puts it. Your behind can experience a wide range of skin concerns, such as acne, dry skin, and pigmentation, explains Sarah Akram, a celebrity master esthetician and owner of an eponymous skincare brand. Booty masks are designed to help target those skin issues and promote an overall smoother, more even, and softer behind. (

Just like your face skin, your butt skin needs nourishment, hydration, and exfoliation, according to Sylwia Wiesenberg, founder of BAWDY Beauty. "It [may] need it even more since you sit on it and you sweat on it, and your butt's skin is continuously getting rubbed with fabrics, including sweaty leggings or rough jeans." The constant exposure to sweat and clothing can contribute to rough, dry, and uneven skin, and in some cases breakouts, she explains.

You can find butt masks available in a sheet mask format (usually with two in one package for applying on each cheek) or as a cream. Before trying any butt mask, you should do a patch test to ensure you won't experience any potential irritation or reaction. "You can snip a small piece of the butt sheet mask off, apply it to the targeted area, and remove it after the recommended time, which will vary for each butt mask, formulation, and brand, but typically is about 10 to 15 minutes," says Vanessa Coppola F.N.P.-B.C., a board-certified nurse practitioner, aesthetic specialist, and owner of Bare Aesthetic Medical Spa. "Remove any residue and observe the site for 48 hours. If no reaction or sensitivity occurs, you can apply your butt mask."

What are the benefits of a butt mask?

The benefits of the masks vary by formula, but rest assured that no matter your concerns, a corresponding butt mask probably exists.

"Some masks provide hydrating benefits, while others exfoliate, improve the appearance of cellulite, or have anti-acne benefits," explains Dr. Zeichner. Additional benefits of masking can include brightening dark spots and plumping your skin, says Akram. (

Truthfully a butt mask isn't a necessary part of your body-care routine, says Coppola. While the masks are more of a want than a need, they can be helpful when you're dealing with pimples, hoping for a boost before heading to the beach in a cheeky suit, or looking to indulge in an elaborate self-care Sunday routine. "Butt masking makes you happy when you do it, and it changes the appearance of your butt skin — how it looks and most importantly, how it feels," says Wiesenberg. "Remember, just like any beauty routine, you do it for yourself!"

If that's all the convincing you need, keep scrolling for some of the best bust mask options on the market.

Best Brightening Butt Mask: Bawdy Squeeze It Citrus Beauty Butt Mask


What You'll Love: Consider this butt mask the key to bidding dull and uneven skin farewell. It's made with hydrating cucumber and grapefruit, which can help brighten and even out skin.

Customers Say: "I use Squeeze It weekly, I definitely noticed improved skin texture and love how smooth my booty feels," wrote one reviewer. Another said, "LOVE it!!! I tried it for the first time today and I cannot wait to buy more. My 🍑 already feels smoother and brighter!!!"

Best Firming Butt Mask: LAPCOS Lifting Booty Mask


What You'll Love: If you're want to bring the best out of your derrière, look no further than this affordable sheet mask. It's formulated with 17 types of amino acids to nourish your skin. (Amino acids are often included in skin-care products to help ensure hydration.) The mask also incorporates a patented ingredient known as Levan designed to moisturize your skin and boost elasticity for an overall smoother and firmer-looking behind.

Customers Say: "I've liked all the lapcos products I've tried so far and this isn't any different. i've also never seen a sheet mask for your butt before and i think this is a great idea? recommend if you want to take care of your butt. rubbing the serum in after you remove the mask is also a good way to get stimulation and a quick massage in to help with moisture and firming. love it," wrote one reviewer.

Best Hydrating Butt Mask: Frank Body Butt First, Coffee Kit

Frank Body

What You'll Love: You probably know caffeine for its role in your favorite energizing drink. But it's also a solution to skin concerns thanks to benefits that include the ability to soothe skin and antioxidant effects which can brighten skin, according to the Cleveland Clinic. To use this two-step leave-on booty mask, you'll apply a moisturizer formulated with caffeine, acai, and shea butter to moisturize and firm up your skin. Then you'll use a firming oil with caffeine, carrot root extract, and grapeseed and jojoba oils to promote a silky-soft behind. You can use the treatment on your butt or anywhere else that may need a boost of moisture.

Customers Say: "PERRRRFECT product. The scent isnt overwhelming and my skin is so smooth and hydrated after each use," wrote one reviewer. "I have been using this kit for just over a month, and I cannot tell you the difference it has made!! I bought this just to rehydrate my skin, but it has revolutionized my after shower routine! I had postpartum eczema on my arms for 2 years. One week in, and I already noticed a difference! I literally can't wait to get out of the shower and moisturise my skin now," wrote another.

Best Exfoliating Butt Mask: Megababe Le Tush Clarifying Butt Mask


What You'll Love: Buttne is a thing, and if you're hoping to solve pesky breakouts through exfoliation, reach for this mask. It calls on glycolic, malic, and azelaic acids and eco-friendly exfoliating beads to clear clogged pores and unveil a smoother, more radiant, and softer-feeling tush. It also has willow bark and witch hazel to reduce inflammation and breakouts and squalane for lightweight hydration.

Customers Say: "I've been using this everywhere I get clogged pores or ingrown hairs. I love the way my skin feels after I rinse it off. Do I need a smooth booty?? Maybe not, but I like it," said one reviewer. "I have used this product twice now and my butt acne is almost gone!!! It's also extremely soft lol This stuff is amazing!! Highly recommend," noted another.

Best Smoothing Butt Mask: MAËLYS Cosmetics B-Tight Lift & Firm Booty Mask

Maely Cosmetics

What You'll Love: This leave-on creamy butt mask promises to reduce the appearance of cellulite, increase smoothness, and visibly firm the skin around your booty and thighs. The brand incorporates pink pepperslim to reduce the appearance of cellulite, hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin, and guarana seed extract, which is rich in caffeine, which may help stimulate the breakdown of fat.

Customers Say: "So far I have seen less cellulite in 3 weeks. I use it once a day and try to do it right after showers so the pores are open. Does burn so that takes time to get used to. I'm excited to see my end of the month results and my month 2 results. So far I see the change!!!"

Best Tightening Butt Masks: Truly Beauty Tighten Butt Mask


What You'll Love: The key ingredients in this rinse-off booty polish are hydrating watermelon extract and wheat protein, and moisturizing vitamin E. It also has jojoba seeds to physically exfoliate dead surface skin cells and other causes of clogged pores that can contribute to blemishes.

Customers Say: "This is amazing for the summertime when going to the beach or pool parties in your swimsuits. Not only does it make you feel so smooth, it makes you feel good and look good. It smells so good," wrote one reviewer. "Highly recommend," another shared. "My skin is SO soft and some of my dips, bumps and lines have definitely diminished!"

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