Mimic Cardi B.'s Pregnancy Glow from the BET Awards with Her Expert Skin-Care Routine

All you need to shine as bright as a diamond? Cardi B.’s roundup of radiance-boosting Urban Skin Rx products. 

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If anyone knows how to make an entrance, it's Cardi B. During Sunday night's BET Awards, the rapper strutted onstage wearing an embroidered Dolce & Gabanna bodysuit with a sheer panel in the abdomen that revealed — drum roll please — a burgeoning baby bump. And, let me tell you, she was straight-up glowing. Sure, her bedazzled ensemble and surging pregnancy hormones likely played a part, but Cardi B. also had a few top-notch skin-care products to thank for her red carpet-level radiance.

After the world (finally) calmed down from Cardi's secret-revealing cameo, celebrity makeup artist Erika La' Pearl took to Instagram to share exactly how she prepped the rapper's skin using products from Urban Skin Rx — and you'll want to try the whole routine yourself.

First, she cleansed Cardi's skin with the brand's Resurfacing Vitamin C Cleansing Bar (Buy It, $32, dermstore.com), a powerful multitasker that exfoliates, improves texture, and brightens skin. Niacinamide, kojic acid, and lactic acid work together to minimize the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles while vitamin C brightens any discoloration or sun damage.

From there, La' Pearl called upon Urban Skin Rx's Even Tone Resurfacing At-Home Peel Pads (Buy It, $20, ulta.com) — almost like a quick, DIY facial — to further even skin tone and texture while improving blemishes, fine lines, and pore size. Each single-use square wipe is saturated with exfoliating lactic acid, brightening arubtin, anti-aging retinol — all of which work synergistically to deliver a healthier, more even-looking complexion. But that's not all: Apparently, the Peel Pads have an uncanny ability to leave skin feeling, in one reviewer's words, "soft and supple" for days post-use.

But La' Pearl took this effect one step further by layering on Urban Skin Rx's Radiant & Bright Glowing Moisturizer (Buy It, $16, ulta.com) to really give Cardi cashmere-soft skin. And while that might sound luxurious AF, it's actually pretty darn achievable thanks to the budget-friendly price point. The non-comedogenic formula is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to lock in moisture and, as you probably guessed, deliver an almost-instant, healthy glow. (Noticing a trend here, folks?) Meanwhile, collagen and peptides ensure even tone and texture as well as reduce any fine lines for an almost filter-like complexion.

And for the last step of her skin-care prep, La' Pearl applied a few drops of the company's Reti-Glow Gentle Resurfacing Night Oil (Buy It, $23, ulta.com) to the rapper's face and neck. Ideal for sensitive skin types, this celeb-approved oil is powered by bakuchiol, a plant-derived ingredient that gives retinol a run for its money with its supercharged anti-aging effects. In addition to promoting cell turnover and collagen production for clear, wrinkle-free skin, the bakuchiol in this product works with vitamin E and salicylic acid to defeat any dullness and deliver a hydrated, dewy complexion. It also doubles as an A+ base for makeup, thus its standing as the last step in Cardi's pre-show skin-care routine.

So, while you might not have pregnancy hormones coursing through your body or a couture outfit made of light-reflecting crystals, you can score a similar Cardi-level glow thanks to these Urban Skin Rx products. And that, dear readers, is nearly as impressive as the rapper's ability to break it down while wearing inches-high heels and carrying a growing fetus — nearly.

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