Cardi B Shared the DIY Hair Mask She's Used to Grow Her Hair

With four basic ingredients, you can make the hair mask recipe at home.

A few weeks ago, Cardi B let everyone in on a recipe for a moisturizing DIY hair mask that she used on her and her 2-year-old daughter Kulture's hair. Now, she's shared another homemade hair mask with the details on how she incorporates it into her hair routine.

The rapper posted a TikTok showcasing how she makes and uses the mask. After brushing out her hair, she whips up the mask in a blender, using half an avocado, two eggs, a heaping spoonful of mayonnaise, and a generous drizzle of Jamaican black castor oil. (For the oil component, she suggests using whatever works for your hair; here's how to find the best oil for your hair type.)

Cardi applies the DIY homemade hair mask then tucks her hair into a plastic bag. "Keep on hair as long as you can," she wrote on the video. "Let that marinate like chicken," she joked.

After she's done letting her hair soak in the mask, Cardi shampoos and conditions, then she sprays rice water onto her locks (a millenniums-old hack that's believed to promote hair growth), noting that she lets the rice soak for 24 hours in the sun beforehand. Next, she puts her hair in rollers and partially dries her hair under a hooded drier before having her hair blown out. (

Cardi reposted the video to Instagram, crediting the DIY hair mask recipe with helping her grow out her hair. "Ya seen my hair journey since 2014," she wrote in the caption. "My hair didn't pass my shoulder. With discipline it's like this today."

If that alone doesn't sell you, know that the ingredients in Cardi B's hair treatment were each a strategic choice. Avocado and castor oil moisturize hair, eggs contain protein which can help strengthen strands, and mayonnaise can leave hair feeling softer. (

Cardi's notorious crystal nail art might cost hundreds, but her hair mask of choice is affordable. With castor oil and three kitchen staples, anyone can try the moisturizing treatment she swears by.

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