The Viral Detoxifying Mask That's Taken Over TikTok Is Finally Back In Stock

With fans such as Kourtney Kardashian and an uncanny ability to slurp up sebum from pores in a matter of minutes, it's no wonder Caudalíe's Instant Detox Mask continues to fly off shelves.

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TikTok manages to single-handedly usher in many viral beauty trends, but few have had as much of a hold on skin-care enthusiasts as the oil-sucking, pore-minimizing detox mask that's garnered — no joke — more than 40 million views alone. Considered, in one TikTok user's words, "literally magic," the clay mask hype is real — so much so that it's racked up famous fans such as Kourtney Kardashian and sold out online multiple times. The name of this skin superhero? The Instant Detox Mask from Caudalíe (Buy It, $39,

Face masks are a dime a dozen these days, so you're likely wondering what makes this TikTok-approved product so special that retailers can't seem to keep it on shelves. Well, for one, it's praised for being a powerhouse at pulling out gunk from your pores like a veritable vacuum while being gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin types. And the Instant Detox Mask does all this — which, let's be honest, is no small feat — thanks to a blend of soothing botanical extracts that slurp up any and all sebum in just 10 minutes.

The best-selling mask boasts an ingredient list that's stacked with skin saviors such as pore-tightening tannins and purifying pink rose clay (which is also responsible for, what the same TikTok user describes as, a "dry Pepto Bismol" look). Also part of its 99 percent natural formula? Coffee, whose caffeine fights inflammation and boosts circulation, along with, of course, gets you going in the a.m. Meanwhile, papaya enzymes keep skin looking bright and beautiful, while grape grounds help remove dirt and excess oil that lead to blackheads and blemishes alike. And a calming blend of essential oils helps nourish and keep skin hydrated, making for an altogether winning combo that helps to explain why so many folks on the 'Tok are obsessed with the product. (

Browsing the app, you'll find a seemingly endless supply of close-up shots featuring the mask's signature rosy hue tackling the pores of users from all over the world, from Ukraine to Turkey to France and, of course, the U.S. Not only is it gratifying AF to watch the mask change shades and harden within a matter of minutes, the big reveal of glowy, ethereal skin that's smooth to the touch definitely lends to its buzzy status on TikTok and beyond. Stephanie Valentine (@glamzilla) has been singing the Instant Detox Mask's praises for four years, and her recent video has given the Caudalíe creation even more attention, garnering close to 3 million likes and 10,000 comments in under three months.

And then there are the mask newbies who are practically dumbfounded by the detoxifying action that takes place over 10 minutes. Take, for example, Mireya Rios (@mireyarios), who recently posted a video of her trying the trending product. "This is actually crazy. Check out my pores," she says as the camera zooms in to show off a face full of little dots where the mask has pulled out whatever yuck was hiding in her pores. (

Want to snag a tube of your own? You'd better act fast; it's currently available on Amazon, but it likely won't stick around for long. If you aren't able to click "add to cart" before Caudalíe's clay mask sells out yet again, don't fret. Two similar dupes include Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay (Buy It, $27, and Terra Beauty Bars Rose Clay Dry Mask (Buy It, $17,, both of which feature gentle skin-care superstar rose clay and haven't developed a rabid TikTok fan following...yet.


Buy It: Caudalíe Instant Detox Mask, $39,

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