By Alla Byrne
April 22, 2009

Dr. Will Kirby has treated some of Hollywood's hottest faces and appears on the hit reality TV show, Dr. 90210. An anti-aging expert, Kirby offers his advice for getting younger-looking skin without expensive treatments or invasive procedures. You don't have to be famous to flaunt a flawless complexion!

Q: Can you share any skin-care secrets of the stars?

A: If you look back on the careers of many celebrities you'll notice that their skin wasn't always so perfect. The truth is famous people aren't any more likely to be born with flawless skin than the average person. Celebrities have perfect complexions because they have access to quality products and advice from dermatologists and now you do too!

Q: Do you have advice for preventing the signs of aging without spending a fortune?

A: I often get inquiries about chemical peels and anti-aging laser treatments but the truth is a simple approach is the most efficient way to improve your skin. In order to keep skin looking young, one doesn't have to invest in high-priced treatments. Simply keeping yourself healthy by eating well, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, getting an adequate amount of sleep and avoiding smoking will help in achieving a more youthful glow.

Q: With so many anti-aging products on the market, what ingredients should people look for?

A: There are a ton of anti-aging products on the market all claiming to make skin healthier and younger looking. The best and most effective products however contain Retinol, which is proven to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, signs of photo-damage and pore-size.

Q: What are common mistakes to avoid when caring for your skin?

A: Since there are so many skin care products out there, a lot of people tend to use too many on their skin at the same time. Your skincare regimen should be simple and streamlined: cleanser, an anti-aging product, such as a serum, and finally sunscreen.

Q: What's the most important thing people can do to protect their skin?

A: The absolute most important way to prevent against damage is to wear a broad-spectrum SPF every day, no exceptions.

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