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For years, celebrities denied having plastic surgery, but these days, more and more stars are coming forward to admit their seemingly flawless skin is more about "good work" than pixie dust. Fairy Godmothers are really board-certified plastic surgeons who skillfully wield scalpels and syringes instead of magic wands.

Now that stars are finally talking, which procedures and treatments do they swear by? At the top of the list, Botox!

Botox: This injectable treatment seems to be a favorite among celebrities because it's non-surgical, relatively painless, and results are evident in 3-4 days. Stars like Jenny McCarthy, Fergie, and Mariah Carey are a few who may have used Botox to look more rested and youthful. In one of many revealing moments on the hit E! Network series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian even received Botox treatments on camera.

Rhinoplasty: The attractive nose is often considered the most sought-after feature of the face, and some celebrities have what seem like flawless noses from birth. Some stars, however, have discovered their features could be enhanced by a thinner, smaller or more symmetrical nose – think of stars like Alexa Rae Joel, Janet Jackson, Tori Spelling, and Jennifer Grey. And although some of these ladies declared their surgeries were due to a deviated septum (Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Ashlee Simpson), the end result was a cosmetically appealing external nose as well.

Resurfacing/Chemical Peels: How do stars like Vanessa Williams, Halle Berry and Cate Blanchett maintain their sleek porcelain skin? Well, they are probably refraining from skin spoilers like smoking and prolonged sun exposure, but they've likely also been using exfoliating treatments. Resurfacing/chemical peels both work on sensitive, aging and photo-damaged skin. Most of these treatments use a salicylic, glycolic, or lactic-based acid to slough off dead skin and encourage new growth. The result is soft, smooth skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy, Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Aniston (who admit to seeing a "skin facialist" on a regular basis) include these skin care procedures as part of their routine with other positive endeavors like yoga, Pilates or healthy eating.

Even though stars lead so called "fabulous" lifestyles, it's good to know they still deal with cellulite, age spots and wrinkles just like the rest of us. Achieving similar beauty results may not be so difficult after all!

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May 17, 2018
Plastic surgeries are popular probably everywhere. Sometimes i feel like every single star has underwent some, but it is their life and no one should judge them. If they are happy about themselves and even help them in their career why not. I had my surgery done in Europe. Not because i wanted to be famous, but my nose looked very big and bent, that was the reason. Well i did travel to different country because it was cheaper there but yes the result is good. I just needed to find proper professionals and that is what i found at Forme clinic and i am also happy with the result. It helped my confidence and that is what counts.