Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser is an alternative to drying makeup removers.

By Renee Cherry
June 10, 2019

When a product is popular with both the Amazon and Reddit communities, you know it's a real winner, and Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser is one of those skin-care unicorns.  It's a recommended product on the r/skincareaddiction thread, and it's currently one of the best-selling cleansers on Amazon, second only to Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes.

The product is such a hit because it's made to remove makeup and dirt without drying out skin in the process. It contains cholesterol, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid, which all play a part in preventing water loss from your skin barrier. As an added bonus, the face wash fragrance-free and was formulated with psoriasis- and eczema-prone skin in mind. (Related: The Best Makeup Removers That Actually Work and Leave No Greasy Residue)

Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser has earned nearly 2,000 4- or 5-star reviews on Amazon, with many customers crediting the product for helping to bring harmony to their skin. "Since switching to this moisturizing cleanser my skin tone and texture has improved DRAMATICALLY and my dehydrated skin is no longer so thirsty," one reviewer wrote. "It easily takes off all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft afterward." (Related: Amazon Just Revealed 15 of Its "Customer Favorite" Beauty Products)

"After each use my face feels super clean and hydrated," another Amazon review reads. "I would recommend this to anyone. I am also acne prone and have had no issues with it causing any acne or aggravating existing acne. It actually seems to soothe my face."

If you want to judge the cleanser for yourself, you can get a generous value size bottle for $12 on Amazon. If you're not ready for that level of commitment, Ulta has a 3 oz. travel size version. No matter what size, your face will undoubtedly thank you.


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