This TikTok-Famous Product Put an End to My Body Acne — and It's 50% Off

The dermatologist-approved formula has more than 19,000 perfect ratings on Amazon.

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I've accepted that breakouts are part of life. Whether they're on my chin, back, or boobs, the pesky pimples haunt me like my love of gauchos in the mid-2000s. And while I'll never have the flawless complexion of social media filters — despite showering immediately after workouts, exfoliating regularly, and applying countless acne-fighting beauty products — my quest for clear skin led to one staple that never disappoints: CeraVe's Salicylic Acid Cleanser (Buy It, $10, was $19;

Like many products, the popular drugstore item popped on my radar via TikTok. I saw a video of @phithegoldenskin testing the pH of the wash last summer, and it led me down a rabbit hole on the best-seller. The dermatologist-developed formula was gentle yet effective, with 19,000 perfect ratings on Amazon alone. Shoppers swore by it for treating head-to-toe acne, as well as stopping ingrown hairs after waxing. It was the blemish-fighting superhero my beauty routine was missing, and I had to have it. (BTW, Reviewers also swear by this acne body spray.)

There was just one problem: It was sold out everywhere. I didn't snag a bottle until December, and I worried no product could live up to nearly six months of anticipation. Of course, I should've known this cleanser wasn't just any product.

It combined a trifecta of trusted skin-care ingredients — exfoliating salicylic acid, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid — into a single treatment that could fight blemishes without leaving skin dried out. It lathered like a typical cleanser but didn't feel harsh or leave my skin feeling stripped post-wash. Testing started on my face and slowly expanded to include my chest and butt, as well as my bikini line. I watched in awe as my skin changed. (Psssst, Cerave also makes a really good retinol serum.)

Between-the-boob whiteheads disappeared, scarring from older acne faded, and oil production in my T-zone slowed way down. The ingrowns that plagued my bikini line after waxing became ancient history, and the blackheads that speckled my nose reduced. Even the razor burn on my thighs seemed to benefit, becoming less irritated and prevalent after every wash. It was the closest thing to magic that I'd ever seen with a beauty product.


My 8-ounce bottle lasted seven months in total, even with daily use and repurposing it as a body cleanser. And while I'm all about testing new products, I knew I had to repurchase the second I ran out. (

Luckily, I picked the perfect time to restock because Amazon is offering the TikTok-approved cleanser for 50 percent off. Although the discounted price is available now, the product may not ship for a week or two. But as someone that waited months to get their hands on the cleanser, I wouldn't let that be a deterrent from buying it. In fact, I personally bought two.

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