Amazon's Best-Selling Anti-Chafe Cream Is the MVP of My Marathon Training

Even in the heat and humidity of a Georgia summer, this one product saved my skin from painful irritation and chafing.

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When I registered to run my first full marathon, I started mentally preparing for the many inevitable mental and physical challenges ahead, such as carving out time in my schedule to run for hours a day, finding the right form of cross-training, and getting proper clothes and fuel to keep me trucking past 17 miles — and the list goes on. While the biggest obstacle I knew I would face was summoning the mental fortitude to run more than 26 miles in the heart of the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, there was one thing I most certainly did not anticipate: chafing. (

TBH, I had never experienced it before; my closest encounter was a result of wearing too-tight jean shorts while walking through Disney World once, but never from a workout. I've been a runner for years now, and after completing four half marathons, I've had to navigate the usual obstacles that come with long-distance runs — fatigue, dehydration, sunburn, cramps — but I'd never dealt with anything as obnoxious (and downright painful) as chafing.

A few months into my training, once I passed the half marathon mark, I began to notice something formidably agonizing happening under my arms, between my thighs, and even on my nipples. It wasn't cute, and it was also totally new and confusing — the delicate skin in my nether regions and underarms began to burn as sweat accumulated, and no amount of "airing it out" could make it stop. The worst pain came during my post-run shower, when a normally welcomed burst of water had me screaming bloody murder and dodging the shower head. Not to mention, I'd been training in the heat of the summer in Georgia of all places (hello, humidity), so all I wanted was to wear shorts, but with the pain, that idea was out of the question. (

While I love a good challenge, nothing could have prepared me for chafing, aka the greatest of all distance-running evils. So I pinged my good friend, who has run several full marathons, and asked WTF one does when this burning and rubbing begins. Luckily, she was quick to fill me in on a list of old-school tips and tricks — from rubbing vaseline on your toes to applying Gold Bond between your sports bra and nipples. But most importantly, she recommended picking up one "holy grail" item from Amazon: Chamois Butt'r Original Anti-Chafe Cream (Buy It, $16,

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Let me preface by saying I had absolutely no faith in anything being able to subdue this newfound irritation, but man was I wrong. After lathering this cream between my thighs and under my arms, I was shocked to discover no pain past the 13-mile mark. The best part? It isn't greasy at all. And despite how much sweat I was producing while running in the heat of July, the cream stayed on and kept me gliding along to my longest distance yet. Bonus: It washes off afterward with just a little hot water and soap and doesn't require handfuls to really work.

As it turns out, I'm far from alone in my newfound adoration of this seemingly magic lotion. Runners, cyclers, hikers, swimmers, and folks simply hoping to wear a sundress to a wedding sans chafing have all credited the Chamois cream for giving them an unprecedented amount of relief and comfort. In fact, it's the number one best-selling anti-chafing product on Amazon, with more than 2,200 perfect five-star ratings. (

One reviewer perfectly summed it up, writing, "There is ZERO greasiness. It goes on like lotion. Apply generously, massage into problem areas and GO. It feels like there is nothing there. I was genuinely shocked by how amazing it was. Went swimming in a lake, got out, and did some more walking. Still zero pain. Zero bumps. ZERO irritation. Summer has never been so easy. I don't leave my home without it. 10/10 would recommend."

With less than four weeks left until my big race (as of right now it's still happening IRL!), I have to admit, I truly don't know if I'd be (hopefully) reaching the finish line had it not been for this one product. So, if you're anything like me — new to this kind of pain, feeling stuck in your training, or just simply looking to wear a pencil skirt to work without having to worry about redness between your thighs — this cream will be your new best friend.

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