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Nothing's more frustrating than working up the drive to start your New Year's resolution-be it exercising more regularly, eating more healthfully or losing those tenacious 10 pounds-and then falling off your newly acquired routine just days later. When that happens, the best response is to pull yourself up and keep on moving toward your goal, says British celebrity life coach Cathy Dunbabin. The key: "Focus on looking and feeling gorgeous, and you'll be brimming with confidence and energy." So, treat yourself to these quick image-change suggestions-you'll be looking great and back on track in no time.


1. Get your brows in shape

Well-groomed brows can swipe years off your age. The ancient art of threading-a precision-perfect grooming technique-is a quick way to get them done. It takes only 15 minutes and costs about $15. Call your nearest salon for more information.

2. Transform your smile

For quick Hollywood glam, visit your dentist for laser whitening. "You can't underestimate the difference having extra-white teeth makes," says New York City dentist Robert I. Schwartz, D.M.D. "It's like getting an instant face-lift."

3. Rejuvenate your skin

Pick up a copy of The Perricone Prescription Personal Journal by Nicholas Perricone, M.D., clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University. It's a workbook-based program for total body and face rejuvenation. And while you're getting inspired, slather on Perricone's Amine Complex Face Lift, a daily facial treatment that nourishes with ingredients like vitamin C Ester and helps eliminate excess facial oil.


1. Choose smooth, sexy legs

While lunges can tone your legs, the right creams can make them silky-smooth. Get results from skin firming lotions. Some contain active copper-a natural skin-firming mineral-which manufacturer studies show helps achieve firmer skin in weeks.

2. Resolve to improve your nails

Julie Serquinia, owner of Paint Shop Beverly Hills nail spa, suggests a daily massage with a moisturizing hand cream. Try a hand treatment with mix of the ultra-moisturizers shea butter, vitamin E and soy. These ingreditents help shield nails from moisture loss and pampers dry cuticles.

3. Focus on your backside

Creams will never replace exercise and diet for body contouring, but a contouring cream with with caffeine (to help temporarily plump skin) and botanicals can help to promote smoother skin in 28 days.


1. Treat yourself to a blowout

Try visiting a new stylist. Everyone styles hair differently, and a blow-dry session with a different stylist will make you look like you have a whole new 'do-and boost your mood.

2. Add wash-out color to your hair

Give strands confidence-boosting flashes of color with wash-in, wash-out, shimmering hair gels.

3. Book yourself a trim

Trimming ragged edges gives hair a more defined shape and creates angles around the face to flatter your emerging cheekbones.

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