Chrissy Teigen Is "Loving" This Multitasking Scalp and Body Scrub

Reviewers are obsessed with the scrub's light floral scent.

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It's safe to say that any beauty recommendation from Chrissy Teigen is worth looking into. This week, she clued her Instagram followers in on a multitasking product that can give you smooth, glowy skin and remove residue from your scalp.

In an Instagram Story taken from her bathtub, Teigen said she's been "loving" Ouai's Scalp and Body Scrub (Buy It, $38, She joked that the full-body sugar scrub feels "sticky" on her body — but rest assured, that stickiness washes away to reveal silky soft, smooth skin.

Wondering how one scrub can work just as well on your scalp as it does on your body? It all comes courtesy of a nourishing blend of ingredients that work together to not only gently exfoliate skin from the top of your head to the tips of your toes but also add tons of moisture along the way to help protect against dryness and irritation. (

The scrub's sugar crystals are what lend to the "stickiness" Teigen was talking about. But fear not, because these crystals work especially well to gently slough dry skin cells all over your body and remove product residue, oils, and dryness. The sugar scrub can also be used as a solid pre-wash step for all hair types to guarantee you're starting with a squeaky clean canvas before you shampoo and condition.

The scalp and body scrub also features coconut oil, a known all-star ingredient rich in fatty acids that moisturize your skin, scalp, and hair, and a blend of probiotics that help to protect your scalp from bacterial growth — especially great if you deal with skin conditions like psoriasis, dandruff, or a dry, itchy scalp.

Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub

Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub

Though Teigen is likely partial to Ouai's products because founder Jen Atkin is among her closest friends (in the clip, she tagged Atkin's Instagram and joked, "Let's work together. Let's be best friends"), even those who aren't among Atkin's group of pals are loving this scrub. Hundreds of Sephora reviewers rave about the product's ability to keep skin feeling smooth, with many pointing out how much they love the light floral fragrance. (

"I love this!" wrote one recent buyer. "At first I was apprehensive to use it on my scalp because my hair tends to get greasy quickly, but it rinses off just fine and doesn't leave your scalp feeling greasy. And it feels wonderful on the skin as well."

Another shared that the texture is "perfect," adding, "I love this scrub! I use it for both [my] scalp and body. The granules are nice and gritty at first but turn into a creamy foam as you rub it in. I got it as a sample and immediately bought the full size."

Yet another reviewer called it the "best scrub ever," adding, "Fantastic product! I have issues with dry scalp, and only had to use this once and it worked great! I used only about a nickel sized amount. I made small circular motions all over my scalp and rinsed. Then I washed my hair as usual. I had no issues with it getting stuck in my hair at all and I have very long hair. As the reviews state, it smells heavenly!!!!"

All these great reviews and Chrissy Teigen's stamp of approval? Sold.

Price at time of publish: $38

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