Chrissy Teigen and Yara Shahidi Both Rely On This Insta-Famous Brand for Busting Breakouts

Both of the company's celeb-approved pimple patches are available on Amazon for less than $30.

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Chrissy Teigen and Yara Shahidi Both Rely On This Insta-Famous Brand for Busting Breakouts
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You know what they say, "Stars, they're just like us." But with their seemingly flawless skin, you can't help but wonder whether Hollywood's biggest names are really all that relatable — especially when you can't seem to conquer that chin cyst or nix that maskne. Do they know some sort of magical, wizardry that you're not privy to? Or maybe they use extra-special zit-zapping products that are reserved just for the elite? Turns out that some celebs actually rely on the same acne-busting buys you've seen all over your very own Instagram feed. Who exactly? None other than Chrissy Teigen and Yara Shahidi — both of whom recently revealed their passion for pimple patches from skin-care brand ZitSticka.

During an Instagram Live at the end of April, Teigen gave ZitSticka's Killa Kit (Buy It, $29, a shout-out, describing the stickers as "awesome" and even saying that she "love[s]" them. Each ZitSticka Killa pimple patch is packed with fast-dissolving microdarts that quickly penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, attacking new and up-and-coming zits right at the source. The microdarts are filled with powerhouse ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, salicylic acid, and oligopeptide-76. If it all sounds super sci-fi and high-tech, it kind of is, which is likely why Teigen is such a fan. (And she's not the only one, btw. One Shape editor is also down-right obsessed with these cyst-crushing stickers.)

ZitSticka Killa Kit

zitsticka killa

And then, most recently, Shahidi joined the ZitSticka conversation. On Monday, the Grown-ish star took to Instagram to give another one of ZitSticka's acne-busting creations a glowing endorsement. In a series of Instagram Stories, Shahidi first shared a selfie showing off a handful of the skin-care brand's products — most notably, the Goo Getter Spot Clarifying Dots (Buy It, $19, — with the text, "You know what just arrived! @zitsticka aka the gift that keeps on giving. Byeeeee byeeee white heads." In the next slide, the actress posed with a face full of the clear pimple patches and wrote, "Applied @zitsticka✅."

Wondering how, exactly, the Goo Getter circles make for such an effective breakout buster? While they don't have microdarts like the Killas, the hydrocolloid patches are designed to draw out the, well, goo (yum!) from more surface-level pimples. The Goo Getter rounds are also saturated with a cocktail of ingredients, including niacinamide, salicylic acid, vitamin c, and tea tree to speed up the skin clearing process to leave you with celebrity-esque clear skin in no time. (

ZitSticka Goo Getter

zitsticka goo getter

And if Teigen and Shahidi's seal of approval is not enough to sell you on the skin-care brand, take a look at Amazon, where the company's ZitSticka Killa Kit and Goo Getter both have nearly five stars. More than 2,300 ratings and reviews from happy buyers on Amazon alone are lovin' the Killa patches. "This product is literally a godsend!" shared one five-star shopper. Another wrote, "I've used them on cyst pimples and have cleared up within the day. I've used them on recurring pimples and works right away. I've even used them on whiteheads and blackheads and have drawn them out within hours. I definitely recommend this. The pricing is a little bit high but for its magic I will definitely spend it." (And while you're at it, read more about how pimple patches actually help get rid of zits.)

And then there are the Goo Getter stickers. A bit newer of a product, the hydrocolloid circles still have nearly 200 reviews on Amazon, many of which rave about how, in one purchaser's words, "fast & effective" the bad boys are at drying out stubborn zits. "I put the patch on it overnight, and by morning, the pimple had opened and drained!" wrote another person. "It was so painless and now since I didn't have to poke and prod the pimple, it hopefully won't leave too much of a scar. I will definitely keep these for when I need a zit to go!"

TL;DR — whether you're looking for a new product to treat acne or just love stocking up on pimple patches (uh, same), you might want to take a page from Teigen and Shahidi's book and buy all of the ZitSticka stickers.

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