This Vitamin C Face Wash Brightened My Skin After Just One Use — and It's 25% Off

It’s enriched with vitamin C and green tea to combat skin-damaging particles for a brighter complexion.

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For nearly seven years, I've relied on the same face wash. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit and usually stick to skin-care products that work well for me. However, pandemic-related stressors and daily mask-wearing really got the best of my skin. From pimples to hyperpigmentation, I've experienced a myriad of skin issues that not even my beloved cleanser could address. All of that changed when Clearstem gifted me this vitamin C face wash last month to test, and I instantly became obsessed.

After just one use of Clearstem Skincare's Vitamin C Scrub, I noticed brighter-looking skin. That's because the cleanser contains hero ingredients like vitamin C, which combats skin-damaging particles that form after exposure to the sun or pollution, and environmentally-friendly bamboo particles that gently slough off dead skin cells, giving your face a healthy appearance. Best of all, you can score this face wash for 25 percent off until December 25 with the code HAPPY25.

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Buy It: Clearstem Skincare's Vitamin C Scrub, $34, was $45,

I've been using the product as an everyday cleanser for nearly two months and have noticed fewer breakouts, which could be thanks to other ingredients, namely green tea (an antioxidant that calms the skin while preventing hormonal acne).

For best results, squirt a quarter-sized amount of face wash in your hand and gently massage in circular motions. To avoid skin irritation, use light pressure when rubbing the product in. (

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I'm not the only fan of this cleanser; Clearstem customers also rave about it. One reviewer wrote: "The smell of the scrub first of all is AMAZING! The small little microbeads give just the right amount of scrub to rub off the dirt and make-up from the day. I love washing my face with this scrub at night. I go to bed feeling so refreshed and clean."

Another shopper said that the face wash lasted for months: "I just checked and the first purchase I made of this product was in January 2021, it is now July and I have not yet used the other one I purchased for when the first bottle runs out. I've used it at least once every day, sometimes twice. I can't see myself using any other cleanser!"

With the Clearstem Skincare's Vitamin C Scrub, you'll be well on your way to achieving a glowier complexion.

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