This Moisturizer from Eva Gutowski Promises 'Golden Hour In a Balm'

If your favorite highlighter and richest moisturizer had a baby, it'd be the Coastal Citizen Sun Glass Luminizing Face Balm.

Photo: Coastal Citizen

As long as you aren't too tempted by a steady stream of new skin-care launches, "skinimalism" is doable — and the approach may benefit your skin in addition to your bank account. Truth is, you don't have to apply and reapply a lineup of 10+ products to give your skin everything it needs. Social media sensation Eva Gutowski, social media sensation favors that outlook, and it's influenced her approach to her skin-care brand Coastal Citizen. "Coastal Citizen is a space for people to find their minimalist look, adapt to a cleaner lifestyle, and change their life through the power of good skincare," as she puts it. Expect vegan, cruelty-free formulas that serve multiple functions.

If you only want to try one product from the brand in an effort to keep your routine streamlined, it should be the Coastal Citizen Sun Glass Luminizing Face Balm (Buy It, $32, The latest addition to the brand, the face balm isn't your average moisturizer. Coined "golden hour in a balm," it was created to impart that radiance that soft, natural light can bring out in your skin.

The Sun Glass Luminizing Face Balm is full of beneficial skin-care ingredients. Jojoba oil moisturizes and niacinamide reduces inflammation and discoloration, while pomegranate extract fights free radical damage thanks to its antioxidant content. As for the face balm's multifunctional quality, it also provides illuminating effects you might associate with makeup products. That's because it contains natural mica, a mineral that's often added to highlighters, lip glosses, or eyeshadows to reflect light, providing a gleam.

Coastal Citizen

Buy It: Coastal Citizen Sun Glass Luminizing Face Balm, $32,

Gutowski believes that the product's versatility makes it stand out. "I personally love using the balm all over my face for total hydration and glow, but I have friends who also love applying it on the high points of the face like [the] cheekbones, cupid's bow, and nose bridge," she says. While the balm enhances skin on its own, it also makes an amazing makeup primer or can be mixed with face make up or worn over makeup, she says.

All things considered, you may be finding the multiuse face balm enticing, even if you're selective when it comes to skin care. If you're sold on the Coastal Citizen Sun Glass Luminizing Face Balm, you can find it exclusively on the brand's site.

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