This Smart Electric Toothbrush Helped Me Break My Bad Brushing Habits for Good

The Colgate Hum offers personalized brushing recommendations through its app, and right now, it’s 32 percent off at Amazon.

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Colgate hum Smart Electric Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush
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At a dentist appointment a couple of months ago, I was informed that for the past 24 years of my life, I've been brushing my teeth wrong. My technique, toothbrush angle, and time spent on teeth versus gums was all wrong, and I'd need to re-teach myself how to brush. I clung to every tip and instruction the dental hygienist casually rattled off, but when it came time to brush again that night, I realized practicing the new technique was easier said than done.

I struggled to remember exactly what I'd learned, and couldn't shake the feeling that I was still doing it all wrong. So when I came across the Colgate Hum Smart Electric Toothbrush (Buy It, $57, was $85, — which uses bluetooth technology to teach you how to brush better — shortly after, I had to try it. (

Similar to most standard models on the market, this Colgate electric toothbrush uses sonic vibrations (there are three modes to choose from) to deeply clean teeth, with built-in timers that remind you to brush for a full two minutes and switch sides every 30 seconds. But the extra features on the Colgate Hum are what really make it stand out.

Designed with smart sensors that map out your mouth to determine which spots need more attention, the bluetooth-powered toothbrush connects to the Hum app, which provides customized insights on your brushing habits. It tracks information on how often and how long you brush, along with which areas you spend the most time on (and which ones you might be neglecting), so you know exactly how to improve. Choose between freestyle mode — where you brush on your own and connect with the app later to learn how you did — or guided brushing, where the app alerts you in real time via a pop-up message on your phone if you're using the wrong angle or missing a spot.

Colgate hum Smart Electric Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush

Buy It: Colgate Hum Smart Electric Sonic Toothbrush, $57, was $85,

At the dentist, my hygienist told me I need to focus on the back of my teeth and angle my brush at a 45-degree angle to ensure I'm getting a deep clean. Sure enough, that's the same feedback I received from the Hum. I feel like I'm receiving personalized guidance just like I did in-office, but now I'm getting it twice a day, every day. And since the app also includes a frequency chart, I can keep track of my habits and challenge myself to maintain them. (

Maybe the best part of all is the Hum app's rewards system. Every time I brush, one point is added to my total, or two points if I choose guided brushing. Each point is equivalent to one cent that can be redeemed in the Colgate store for items like replacement brush heads, toothpaste, or even new brushes. Also worth noting: Colgate is currently partnering with the meditation app Headspace — meaning, Hum app users can redeem a 60-day free trial of Headspace or gain points by participating in a short Headspace mindful meditation. It's fair to say that using my Hum toothbrush has been good for my body and mind.

The even better news? Right now, you can get the Colgate electric toothbrush on sale at Amazon for a whopping 32 percent off. When you buy the Colgate Hum starter kit — which includes the electric toothbrush, a travel case, and replacement brush head — you'll pay just $58, which saves you $27. (

I suggest you act fast to snap up this good-for-your-wallet, great-for-your-teeth electric toothbrush, because I'm pretty sure the extra savings won't last long. You can thank me later.

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