This TikTok-Approved Hair Tool Gave Me the Best Blowout of My Life — and It's Just $30

It’s an old school product that’s coming back in a big way, and more than 6,700 Amazon shoppers love it.

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In spite of my best efforts and the large number of tutorials I've viewed, I still struggle to give myself a good blowout. Once I discovered a blow dryer brush, I got a little better at smoothing my long hair into soft, sleek waves — but I could never quite replicate the magic that my hairstylist creates every time I get a haircut. Then, I was reminded of an old school hair tool, thanks to TikTok, and I decided to try it out for myself. Now, with the Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Hot Rollers (Buy It, $30,, I can get voluminous, bouncy hair in less than 30 minutes.

Let's be clear: Hot rollers are absolutely not a new concept. I'd just never thought to consider them. Instead, I had always styled my hair with the curling irons and straighteners that were the norm. But then TikTok showed me the results that rollers can deliver, with seemingly little effort required. In a video that has nearly 300,000 views, TikTok user Erin Dugan Jurchak demonstrated how she used hot rollers to get a perfectly swoop-y blowout, in just 30 minutes And in another video that has 340,000 views, user @agatherenou showed how the rollers help to make layered hair look extra-bouncy. With a price of just $30, these hot rollers seemed almost too good to be true — but I had to try them for myself to truly determine that. (

The first time I used the hot rollers, I spritzed my dry hair with some heat protectant and pinned up my top layers. Working from the bottom up, I rolled up my hair and secured each roller with one of the included claw clips. I was concerned whether 12 rollers would be enough — my hair is of about average thickness, but its length extends to my lower ribs — but I found it was the perfect number. I let the rollers set for about 10 minutes in my hair, and they stayed secure the whole time. Eventually, I took them out slowly, one by one. When I was done, I gave my hair a few fluffs and stepped back to marvel at the result in the mirror. Finally: the perfect blowout.

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Hot Rollers

Buy It: Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Hot Rollers, $30,

As I got more practice using the hot rollers, I eventually refined my technique: I realized that when I started from the top down, I could roll all of my hair much faster, and the end result looked just as good. When I let the rollers set for longer — about 15 to 20 minutes — the resulting waves lasted for much longer, too, especially when I spritzed them with a little bit of hairspray. (

I'm not the only one who loves this budget-friendly hair tool. Conair's hot rollers have earned five-star ratings from more than 6,700 shoppers on Amazon. "I love blowouts and this makes me look like I just got one. When I had super long hair it worked and even with shorter hair it works too," wrote one reviewer. "I love the volume I get with this! My hair feels so light and fluffy!"

Another user added: "They heat up super quick and create great big waves. I have naturally curly hair, so I like to use these to straighten my hair — meaning take it from small curls to waves, and these curlers do that very well. I feel like a supermodel with my big piles of lovely waves."

Sometimes, an old school product deserves a comeback for a reason — and that's certainly the case with Conair's hot rollers. At long last, I've found the key to perfecting my blowout.

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