A vlogger applied her foundation with a Beauty Blender wrapped inside of a condom and the internet is in a frenzy.

By Faith Brar
Updated: February 22, 2017

Turns out, the condom is even more useful than previously thought. Instead of, you know, protecting against pregnancy and all sorts of other diseases, you can apparently also use it in your beauty routine as shown in this now viral video posted by vlogger Laila Tahri.

Inspired by the SiliSponge, a silicone makeup sponge that resembles a bra insert, Tahri came up with the bizarre hack in an attempt to prevent her Beauty Blender from absorbing, and as a result wasting, too much makeup.

"Here's why I think it's a good idea," she explained in her video on Instagram. "The SiliSponge is really popular right now and the good thing about [it] is it doesn't absorb any product, but after trying it, I still prefer a normal sponge...Then I thought, 'Maybe if I put some plastic around it, it'll work the same.'"

Surprisingly, it does. All you have to do is take a condom out of its packaging and wash off the lubrication. (Do not miss this step, or you'll regret it later!) Then, simply insert your blender into the condom, tie the end in a knot and apply your makeup as usual. It won't absorb the product but still gives you a super smooth finish. (Here, check out more bizarre Instagram beauty hacks that actually work.)

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, right? Watch Laila show you how it's done in the video below:


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