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Wacky Celeb Beauty Treatments We Totally Want to Try

Ellie Goulding's Dragon Blood Treaments

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Ellie Goulding (one of our fave celeb sources of fitspiration and one of our recent Shape cover stars) shows how she keeps it glowy: with Rodial Dragon's Blood eye treatments. Sound crazy? The mix contains powerful moisturizers and an herbal anti-inflammatory called arnica that combine to create a soothing, de-puffing effect (think: cold cucumbers), according to Anthony Youn, M.D., a plastic surgeon and author of The Age Fix: A Leading Plastic Surgeon Reveals How to Look Ten Years Younger. Can't splurge on cream from mythical beasts? Youn says potato slices dipped in cold green tea produce a similar soothing effect. (Want more Ellie? Check out her insane six-pack on our cover!)

Miley's Cold Gel Mask

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Lately, Miley has been all about chilling out (she just usually does this by lighting up). With this refreshing cold gel mask, though, she's decreasing swelling and giving her skin a slightly tighter appearance, says Youn. Another perk? You'll look scary enough that no one will talk to you, so you can really relax.

Ancient Medicine à la Madonna

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Cupping is one of the oldest methods of traditional Chinese medicine, says New York City-based dermatologist Julie Russak, M.D. The process works by creating a vacuum that anchors the cup to your skin, pulling it up as the air inside the jar cools. This is said to open your skin's pores, stimulate blood flow, and draw toxins out.

Just like other avenues of ancient medicine and naturopathic therapy, these treatments aren't necessarily validated by quantitative scientific data, says Russak. Instead, they "have track records of helping people heal and noticeably feel better." But hey, if this is the secret to Madonna's ever-lasting youth, we're game to give it a try.

Jessica Alba's Golden Eye Masks

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The goal of all eye masks (including Jessica Alba's!) is to drive intense hydration and active ingredients deep into the dermis—a deep layer of skin. Why they work: Masks will penetrate much deeper than your typical eye creams, says Russak. And while hydration will always benefit your skin, beware of highly-fragrant or highly-exfoliating formulas (as they may irritate sensitive skin), and steer clear of retinol masks if you've recently had any peel or laser treatments, suggests Russak. (Psst...Check out The Best Face Masks for Every Skin Condition)

A Twilight "Bella"

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Aside from looking terrifying, Kim K's "vampire facial" is actually effective, says Youn. Here's how it works: A doctor draws blood from your forearm. The blood is processed to isolate the platelets and growth factors (cellular signals to increase collagen in your skin), which are then applied to your face using tiny needles. (Sounds fun, right?) Because the collagen in yor skin degrades and thins as you age, growth factors can encourage new collagen—rejuvenating the skin from the inside out, says Youn. You can't do this treatment during a spa night at home with the girls, though—make sure you head to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon's office to have it done.

You Say "Hannibal Lecter," Gaga Says "Hyaluronic"

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The "Mother Monster" posts quite a few slightly scary beauty selfies, but this hyaluronic mask is worth looking a little scary in. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring skin moisturizer. Applying it as a mask can be a powerful way to restore moisture and temporarily remove fine lines, says Youn.

"It's like rehydrating a dry, wrinkled raisin into a smooth, plump grape," says Youn. No wonder Gaga has such a large cult following—she's onto the good stuff. You can get your dose of hyaluronic acid from creams and serums as well; Youn's current favorite is Teoxane RHA Serum ($190;, which contains resilient hyaluronic acid that he says provides superior moisture without clogging pores or leaving that sexy greasy look.

The Midas Touch

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Gold has been used in skincare for centuries. According to Russak, it dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. But though it has timeless beauty, it's totally having a moment right now—Bar Refaeli sported a shot of her face dripping in gold on Instagram.

Gold is thought to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-acne benefits, and although there is no solid data proving gold's benefits, this kind of treatment is less about the clinical data and more about how your skin glows afterwards, says Russak. How it works: Gold nanoparticles transfer your skin, brightening your complexion and helping it reflect light.

This Dirty Detox

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LiLo isn't getting down and dirty just for fun; mud (clay) treatments absorb and draw out toxins in your skin, says Russak. Some science supports the good-for-your-skin benefits, too: Studies have shown that clay has antibacterial properties. Keep it spa-like with a Supermud treatment from GLAMGLOW ($69;, or embrace Mother Nature and get outside! (If you need another reason to get dirty, try a mud run! Just keep in mind these 6 Scary Mud Run Dangers to Watch Out For.)

Gaga's Jelly Mask

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Because when you're talking about wacky celebrity beauty or fashion, you can't give Gaga only one slide. She does double duty with a collagen lip jelly mask while her hair is being done. This may look silly, but it has serious benefits: "This lip mask likely contains powerful moisturizers that can rehydrate and even mildly plump the lips," says Youn. Try Gaga's mask, the Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch ($12;, and top with plumping gloss for a super full pout. (If you want to give other Korean beauty products a try, here are 10 Korean Beauty Products for a Post-Workout Glow.)


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