This Whitening Pen Brightened My Teeth After Just One Use — and It's More Than 30% Off Right Now

Unlike whitening strips, this pen whitened my smile without causing irritation.

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My birthday is right around the corner, which means fun with friends, enjoying chocolate cake, and lots and lots of photos. The only problem? After upping my coffee intake to twice (okay, three times) a day, my smile started to look more eggshell than pearly white, and I wasn't having it. With the special day only a couple of weeks away, I needed a quick fix, so I dug through my beauty writer brain for a solution. Then I remembered a whitening pen that my former colleague, Shannon Bauer, said whitened her teeth after just a few uses. It "works so much better than a whitening strip," she wrote for the 2021 Shape Beauty Awards. I'm not one to turn down convenience, so I bought one for myself and hoped for the best.

Unlike regular whitening strips, The Crest Whitening Emulsion Whitening Pen (Buy It, $25, was $50, doesn't require rinsing or a long wait time. In fact, it couldn't be easier to use: Simply dab the product onto your teeth with the application wand and go about your day while the formula — a combination of brightening hydrogen peroxide and hydrating petrolatum — lifts stubborn yellow stains without irritating the teeth or gums. You can even eat or drink 30 minutes after application, per the instructions on the box, and its compact size makes it great for on-the-go use. (BTW: If you're looking for a teeth whitening mouthwash, try one of these.)

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Buy It: Crest Whitening Emulsion On-The-Go Leave-On Whitening Pen, $32 (was $50),

When it came time to give it a try, I squeezed a dime-sized amount of product onto my toothbrush (after my regular brushing and flossing regimen) and spread it from my front teeth to my molars on both sides. My teeth and gums are usually sensitive to whiteners, but I didn't feel any stinging or tenderness, which is probably thanks to the petrolatum that's included in the formula to curb sensitivity. When I looked in the mirror a few hours later, my teeth looked almost a whole shade lighter, and I noticed the yellowish stains were beginning to fade. Even though the pen came highly recommended by a trusted colleague, I was still surprised to see that it exceeded expectations and actually did make a noticable difference after just one use.

While some reviewers on Amazon say they prefer to use the whitening emulsion at night, I applied it in the morning and found that the subtle, minty flavor didn't interfere with my breakfast — or even my second espresso. Not only that, but it didn't leave a gross, slimy feeling in my mouth like many whitening solutions do. After two weeks of daily use (the pen can be safely used multiple times a day, according to the brand), my smile was so much brighter that my friends noticed a difference, too. And I'm not the only one to see quick results: More than 1,100 Amazon customers left the whitening pen a perfect rating.

One shopper, who also drinks "too much coffee" and had little success with whitening strips, wrote that they were "super impressed" and noticed a "huge difference" after just three days of use. Another reviewer said they previously tried out other whitening products but found that this one is "worth the price"; plus, they experienced "no sensitivity."

Although I can't seem to hamper my caffeine addiction, I'm glad that I now have an easy way to keep my teeth looking bright and healthy, especially before big events and fun celebrations. If whitening your smile is on your to-do list, I definitely recommend giving this brightening pen a go. Normally $50 a tube, it's on sale for a whopping 50 percent off at Amazon, so shop it now while you can get it for just $32.

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