This $9 Cuticle Oil Is a 'Miracle' for Weak Nails, According to 65,000 Amazon Shoppers

“My cuticles are manicure-smooth and soft, and my nails are growing like they have never grown.”

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Nails that are constantly splitting, peeling, and breaking can be cause for serious frustration, whether you're trying to grow them out or create a just-manicured look on your own. While press-ons or a gel mani might give you the nails of your dreams in the short term, there's a budget-friendly product that can change them for good. More than 65,000 Amazon shoppers love Cuccio's Cuticle Oil (Buy It, $9,, saying that it's nothing short of a "miracle."

"Nails are like a sponge — when they're dehydrated, they're hard and can crack and turn brittle," celebrity nail artist Elle previously explained to Shape. Cuticle oils deeply penetrate the nail and surrounding skin to make them healthier and more supple (meaning they're less prone to breakage). Cuccio's cuticle oil is made with ingredients like safflower oil, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin E, as well as milk and honey extracts, to provide this effect. All you need is just a drop per nail daily.

Reviewers are impressed by how much of a change they've seen in their nails since using Cuccio's cuticle oil. "I have been a chronic nail and cuticle biter for over 30 years. I have tried many tactics to stop," wrote one. "I am so happy I took a chance and tried this oil. It has a pleasant subtle smell, is not greasy or oily once applied and has seriously changed my life! It absorbs quickly into my cuticles and I have not had any more raggedy dry edges begging to be bit since I've begun using this product." (

Others say that the product has helped them finally get the nail growth they've been desiring. "I NEVER can grow all 10 nails out. Some break, peel, etc, so I might have a few nice ones but until this product, never 10. Now, I have 10 long strong nails," a customer wrote. "This stuff works great, smells great, and comes in glass. FINALLY— a product that does exactly what it claims!"

Cuccio Natural Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil

Buy It: Cuccio Natural Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil, $9 $14,

Reviewers say that Cuccio's cuticle oil also helps relieve the dryness that comes from "frequent hand washes" and helps strengthen brittle nails that have been weakened from acrylics. Others add that the 2.5-fluid ounce bottle is "bigger" than it looks online — so you don't have to replenish it frequently.

There's no shortage of cuticle oils on the market, but some shoppers say Cuccio's is the best they've ever tried. "I've used several cuticle oils over the years and nothing has come close to performing the way Cuccio does," one said. "After using it for just a week (couple times a day) my cuticles are manicure-smooth and soft, and my nails are growing like they have never grown in the winter. Cracks healed and have not come back."

Cuccio's cuticle oil might be the treatment that helps you to finally get the nails of your dreams — and you can buy it on Amazon for just $9 a bottle.

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