Celebrate in style with these red, white, and blue nails and patriotic nail art.

By Julia Malacoff
Updated July 03, 2019

Now that nail art is officially mainstream, it's easy to find a themed manicure idea for virtually every occasion. Independence Day is no exception, and there are plenty of Fourth of July nails to choose from, no matter your style. Not sure where to start? Here are seven super cute pool party and BBQ-worthy designs centered around stars, stripes, and the red, white, and blue color scheme. (For more ideas, scope the only 4 nail-art trends you need for 2018.)

Go for minimal sparkle.

A negative space nail art manicure allows a bit of your natural nail to peek through for a clean, minimal look, which is a fun juxtaposition with a couple of super sparkly star designs on each hand. This manicure by Vanity Projects is a great option for anyone who wants to add a little shine to their mani but doesn't want an all-out glitter fest. (Related: Simple Nail Art Ideas That Will Make You Feel Zen)

Try little life preservers.

Headed to a pool party this holiday? Then this design for Fourth of July nails is for you. Nail artist Meagan Knight brought these little buoys to life, and they happen to be totally on-theme.

Do dots and pops.

This pop-art-like Fourth of July nail design by artist Chelsea King features an adorable rendering of a Firecracker popsicle, a classic Fourth of July dessert, offset by alternating red and blue polka dots for an eye-catching look.

Salute the flag.

This flag-inspired design by nail artist Taryn Multack is probably the easiest red, white, and blue nails on this list to DIY at home. Just paint nails white, allow them to dry, then grab a toothpick and make red and blue stripes on either side of each nail's center line.

Make red, clear, and blue your color scheme.

Influencer Hannah Bronfman's red, clear, and blue manicure is perfect for Fourth of July. And who says stripes have to be linear? These abstract swooshes of color make for a seriously pretty mani and one of the more subdued Fourth of July nail designs you've seen yet. (Related: How to Safely Remove Gel Nails at Home)

Make metallic stars and stripes.

If you can handle drawing stars on a few nails, you can replicate this look by nail artist Jessica Washick at home simply by painting three nails on each hand blue, and the remaining two red. Make two horizontal stripes on the red nails using a silver nail polish or nail art pen, and scatter stars on the blue tips. Not artistically inclined? Bring this picture of red, white, and blue nails to your manicurist, and chances are they can bring this simple-yet-statement-making look to life.

Do a double French.

For a look that will last well past the holiday itself, a double French manicure is the way to go. These chic Fourth of July nails by artist Alicia Torello allow you to get in on the red, white, and blue color scheme in a super subtle way that gets in on the holiday spirit, and simply looks pretty. Basically, it's a win all around.


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