Spring Hairstyles You'll Be Seeing a Lot of In 2022

Set off your best fits with these cute, easy spring hairstyles.

Spring Hairstyle Trends You'll Want to Try Out
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As spring approaches, you might be thinking about adding new pieces to your wardrobe or giving your home a deep clean. The possibilities for giving your life a seasonal refresh don't stop there, though. Adding new hairstyles to the rotation is another way to update your routine, one that's a lot more fun than scrubbing every crevice of your kitchen.

If your hair's been hiding under a winter hat over the past few months, you should soon have more opportunity to show off new 'dos. Scouting out some inspiration now may prove useful if you tend to get stuck in a rut wearing the same messy bun, braid, or low ponytail on repeat. Thankfully the internet is brimming with enough spring hairstyles to provide an endless supply of ideas. Here are a few of the hairstyle trends you can expect to see everywhere this spring, plus exactly how to achieve them. (

Easy Spring Hairstyles

High Power Ponytail

If you're not into traditional spring updos, a high ponytail can look just as at-home with formal attire. That's why a sleek power ponytail is one of celebrity hairstylist Tyler Bishop's favorite spring hairstyles for 2022. "To create the look, I always start out with UNITE's TEXTURIZA Finishing Foam on dry hair to add grip and smooth frizz," he shares. (FYI, Bishop is a partner of the brand.)

"Next, take a Mason Pearson brush (Buy It, $275, saksfifthavenue.com)to pull everything up tight and smooth." The trick to positioning it just right? "To get the perfect pony placement, angle the hair from your eye to the crown of your head," says Bishop. For a seamless look, tie off the ponytail then conceal the hair tie. You'll take a section of hair the width of your pinky, tease it, spray it with hairspray, wrap it around the base of the ponytail until only the ends are sticking out, and secure with a bobby pin, says Bishop.

For a sleek finish, Bishop recommends reaching for a bottle of UNITE 7SECONDS Glossing Spray (Buy It, $30, amazon.com), which adds shine and provides UV protection. If you still have flyaways, you can repurpose a skin-care tool. "Spray any flyaways with hairspray and use a jade roller to roll them down," says Bishop. For even more stubborn flyaways, you can use a hair-slicking product such as Slick Stick (Buy It, $25, slickstick.com) and keep it on hand for touch-ups.

Space Buns

If you've been tuning into the latest episodes of Euphoria, you know that space buns are alive and well in 2022. For an update to spring updos, IGK Hair Care co-founder Franck Izquierdo says to start with damp, detangled hair. "If you have thick hair, work IGK's Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Anti-Frizz Smoothing Balm (Buy It, $33, sephora.com) through strands and blow-dry," he says. "For fine hair, use IGK's Mistress Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner Hair Balm on damp hair for a controlled blowout."

Once your hair is dry, it's time to create your out-of-this-world buns. Izquierdo recommends parting your hair down the middle, tying off each side to create pigtails, then wrapping the pigtails into buns and securing them with bobby pins. Release a few '90s-esque wisps from the bun, and mist on hairspray for hold.

Voluminous Half Up, Half Down

Half-up hairstyles have been having a moment, and Bishop says he believes the cute easy spring hairstyles are here to stay. If the style usually turns out looking flat when you try it, consider following the hairstylist's tried-and-true method: Starting with damp hair, spray a volumizing spray for body and thermal protection. Blow-dry your hair and apply a dry finishing foam or spray for added texture and definition.

"To find the perfect placement for your half-up pony, separate your hair from the front of your ear to the crown of your head," instructs Bishop. At this point, you have the option to use a boar bristle brush to tease hair from mid-lengths to the roots if you're after maximum volume. "Taking a Mason Pearson brush, pull everything up tight and smooth and secure your pony in place." Then, as with the sleek power pony, he says to use a small section of hair to conceal the hair tie you used while styling. "To finish off the look, generously apply a texture spraythroughout for added volume and fullness." Try: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (Buy It, $49, sephora.com).

Pinned Soft Waves

Izquierdo isn't the only celebrity stylist looking to Euphoria for insight into spring hairstyle trends for 2022. Cassie's (played by Sydney Sweeney) soft waves with pins are bound to spill over into real-life trends, predicts celebrity hairstylist and UNITE Hair ambassador Ayano Jinnouchi. To recreate the look, prep hair with a texture spray, she says. (Jinnouchi suggests UNITE Hair Beach Day, Buy It, $28, amazon.com) "Use a 1-inch curling iron [e.g. T3 SinglePass Curl 1" Professional Curling Iron, Buy It, $150, sephora.com] and curl strands in alternating directions," she continues. Once you've finished curling your hair, shake it out and finish with a few more spritzes of texture spray. Sweep two sections of hair away from your face, secure with bobby pins (Buy It, $4, target.com), then add a small amount of UNITE Hair U Oil (Buy It, $44, dermstore.com) to the lengths of your hair to add shine. (

Sleek Chignon

For a polished take on spring updos, IGK Salon Soho lead hairstylist Liz Rim suggests a smooth chignon. To get the look, start by misting a smoothing heat protectant (e.g. TRESemmé Thermal Creations Keratin Smooth Leave-In Heat Protectant Spray, Buy It, $6, target.com) on dry hair, she says. From there, flat iron your strands to achieve a sleek end result. "Gather your hair into a low pony and pin the lengths into a sleek and smooth bun," instructs Rim. Smooth down the top and sides with an anti-frizz smoothing serum and finish off the look with a flexible hold hairspray to lock it in place. (

'70s-Inspired Ponytail

Jinnouchi predicts '70s-inspired ponytails accented with scrunchies will be one of the top spring hairstyles of 2022. To achieve this alternative to spring updos, prep damp hair with a heat-protectant blowout cream and blow dry your hair until smooth, she says. Once smooth, secure your high ponytail with a hair tie that will hold your hair firmly in place, e.g. Goody Ouchless Forever Hair Ties (Buy It, $4, target.com), says Jinnouchi.

After you've secured your hair, smooth back any flyaways along your hairline with strong-hold hairspray, advises Jinnouchi. Verb Strong Hairspray (Buy It, $18, sephora.com) or R+Co VICIOUS Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray (Buy It, $33, dermstore.com) fit the bill. To give your pony that '70s flair, use a 1.5-inch curling iron to create soft bends throughout your ponytail, she says. Lastly — and most importantly — add your scrunchie.

Looped Top Knot

Your standard messy bun is fine, but Bishop says that spring 2022 is all about updating the classic. "If you're looking to elevate your basic bun, a looped top knot is perfect," he says.

To get the look, begin with a dry texture spray or foam (such as UNITE Hair TEXTURIZA Finishing Foam, Buy It, $29, amazon.com) to add extra grit to your hair and part hair down the middle, he says. On each side, create a loop by wrapping a hair tie around hair pulling hair partway through as if starting to create a ponytail. "You can use a ponytail hook, elastic, or regular hair tie to create this look," says Bishop. "Next, take one loop and cross it in the center of the other and then pin them in place."

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